NL #15: NPS products, marketplace 3rd party services and software disrupting the sport industry

SaaS Weekly Newsletter - 22 April 2015 edition

Concept of this newsletter: every week I alternate between an industry news focused email and a product focused email. This week: Products. Past editions are available here.

Net Promoter Score

mention’ team shared a very interesting presentation about Net Promoter Score and how they use it to reduce churn. A lot of SaaS startups I’m following are using NPS so here are three products I’ve heard them using:

Marketplace 3rd Party Services

Marketplaces are everywhere. With the proliferation of marketplaces, in every industry, there are more and more opportunities for 3P services to come and help sellers, buyers or marketplace operators do their job better / ease transactions. Here are three examples of such services:

  • for marketplace operators: “Identity checking” Trulioo
  • for sellers: “Dynamic pricing” BeyondPricing
  • for buyers: “household chores/services” Alfred

Software in the sport industry

I recently discovered that tons of software startups were disrupting the sport industry and at every level. No wonder when you learn that the estimated size of the global sports industry in 2014 was $1.4T. Just look at the football industry and you’ll find plenty of products for fans, clubs, agents...

  • Soccer Labs. For fans: “We teach you how to bet in soccer. Soccer Labs is a portal that provides statistical information to predict outcomes of soccer games”
  • Metrica sports. For coaches: “Improve your team performance through data and video analysis applications.”
  • Prozone. For recruiters: “Prozone Recruiter is an innovative online solution that enables clubs to make technical scouting decisions supported by objective information.”
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