NL #27: The SaaS stack evolution [article], SaaS for SaaS and front end performance monitoring tools

SaaS Weekly Newsletter - 15 July 2015 edition

Concept of this newsletter: every week I alternate between an industry news focused email and a product focused email. This week: Industry analysis. Past editions are available here.

[article] The Evolution of the SaaS Stack and What Could Come Next

SaaS for SaaS

The SaaS industry is growing so much that more and more “shovel sellers” are offering software for “subscription based businesses” (SaaS for SaaS if you will). It started with payment solutions (with now huge players like Zuora) and now grows in other areas such as analytics, marketing, referral etc...

  • Chartmogul analytics - “SaaS & Subscription Analytics for Stripe, Braintree, Recurly & Chargify”
  • tractionboard “Traction Analytics for SaaS. Bridge between user lifecycle & marketing campaigns that brings you key metrics to data-drive your traction”
  • ReferralSaaSQuatch - referral program - Customer referral program as a service”

SaaS based marketplaces

Last week in the trend section of the newsletter I wrote about the “SaaS based marketplaces” and some of you requested some examples.

  • lystable - “Supplier and freelancer management SaaS platform” (more about their model here)
  • simplyinsured “Simple Health Insurance for Small Businesses” (more about their model here)
  • countup “Introducing the world's first on-demand Certified Public Accountant marketplace.”

All these services integrate a real “tool” (the SaaS part) which helps you manage your business better, connected to a marketplace component where you can find and compare suppliers.

There are many variations with this model. Ex: Zenefits model = free tool + fee on the marketplace transactions. Countup model = paid tool + fee on marketplace transactions - rebate for the customers you bring on the platform etc.

Front end monitoring tools

Because speed matters.

  • SpeedCurve “Get continuous feedback on how your code affects a user’s web experience”
  • NewRelic Browser “Monitoring product that gives you full visibility into the complete web page lifecycle for modern browser-side applications”
  • Atatus “Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Advanced Error Tracking for Modern Web. Analyse performance and errors in detail.”
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