NL #25: 3 design tools for your images and videos, Satellite as a Service and SaaS Hubs

SaaS Weekly Newsletter - 30 June 2015 edition

Concept of this newsletter: every week I alternate between an industry news focused email and a product focused email. This week: Products. Past editions are available here.

SaaS Hubs

I’ve recently come across several interesting ‘vertical’ SaaS Hubs. These SaaS hubs act as a layer between you and your apps, enabling you to centralize them in one spot and to manage the flow of data between each other. What is interesting is that more and more of these hubs are focused on one vertical, like support, analytics or marketing:

  • segment: Analytics data hub “Segment is the single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data.”
  • Lytics Marketing data hub “Lytics is a data hub that unifies customer data to create and sync segments across all your marketing tools.”
  • Customer support hub “Combine all your support channels into one tab. Bringing help to your users everywhere they need it.”

I guess this ‘hub model’ is an answer to the overcrowding of many SaaS verticals. For some of them (support, CRM, marketing, analytics…) people are now using several software at the same time and they need a layer which will help them manage, integrate and migrate them.

Satellite as a Service

The number of data sources fueling our software is exploding. Just take satellite imagery, you can find an increasing number of software leveraging it for various use cases such as marketing, security, agriculture or real estate. With the coming age of cheap satellites (for example Skybox, a startup sending tiny cheap satellites in space, has been acquired by Google) access to data coming from above will, without any doubt, get cheaper, leading to interesting new use cases for businesses (and new SaaS opportunities).

  • Orbital insight “Creating market intelligence for decision makers and investors in the retail, real estate, agriculture, commodities industries.”
  • enview “Enview fuses data and aerospace to protect the world's energy infrastructure. We extract actionable insights by automating the analysis of multiple data sources (multispectral aerial & satellite imagery, LiDAR, GIS, etc.) to detect and predict issues before they become threats that affect millions.”
  • rsmetrics: “RS Metrics provides investor, corporate, and government clients with proprietary data based on quantitative analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery, demographic data and open-source research.”

I’ll keep you informed once I find the first API offering to control a satellite.

3 design tools for your pictures and videos

  • Cover “Beautiful, free cover videos for your homepage. 7 new videos every monday“
  • Snappa “Create highly engaging images in a snap. Snappa is the perfect graphic design tool for digital marketers.”
  • Thinglink “Make media come alive. Discover, create and share interactive images and videos.”
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