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05 Jul 2015


Enterprise software solutions.

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Scooperb is a local search and offer discovery service mobile app which provides a personalized local search experience for its users. By taking into account the places a user goes, the things they have told the app that they like, and the advice of other users they trust, Scooperb aims to provide highly personalized recommendations of the best offers around the user's current location and area of interest.

Craft syndicate

With the craft brew scene bursting into the scene in asia there is a vacuum of curators to provide the essence of craft beer to the public. Presently people look to the west for craft brew but in our travels and research we have discovered there are amazing craft right in our back yard. We want to be a voice for them and help them grow and show that the east has amazing brewing talents too. our main aim is to provide multiple platform such as app and web based sales and delivery to home for craft beers and also to do traditional distributions to establishments as a marketing and awareness. tool. presently as all the craft brew is being promoted are from the west the public has to pay high cost. Because we are promoting asian craft brew the cost is lower and can let the consumers enjoy good taste for more reasonable price. We believe craft brewing as an art and we want the emerging working adults and middle class to be able to enjoy it without putting too much financial cost on it.

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Nonissue is a new co-op content discovery network that believes in quality. We build exclusive verticals of high quality content publishers that aims to bring traffic growth to its members. In each vertical we feature the current best content from all the vertical members. Your size, publicity and budget doesn’t matter - if your quality is worthy, you’ll be placed side by side next to the biggest players. We propose, free of charge, traffic from similar readers to your content which will come from quality publishers like yourself.

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Struggling to organise a game of football because of busy schedules, hangovers or just not having enough friends? - 365-it. Wish you could keep track of current five-a-side games and store stats on goals, assists and results? - 365-it. Not sure where the best available pitches are in your area? 365-it 365-a-Side is a revolutionary app that connects games looking for players with players looking for games, teams looking for challengers with challenger teams and everyone with special offers on local five a side pitches. 365-a-Side brings a singular view of all the football happening in your area as well as a social platform to add friends, store player/team stats and view previous results.

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iZofy is the World's First Home to Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Readers, Psychics and Healers connecting them with audience globally. iZofy lets users post their problem with a maximum bid amount they are ready to pay. In turn, the experts empanelled with iZofy can provide a solution after successful acceptance of bid. This is the most unique way to solve any kind of problems related to career, business, health, relationship etc. Also iZofy is coming up with the most accurate match making tool available to mankind named iZO Match Maker. iZO Match Maker suggests whether a couple will make a good pair or not. It breaks the suggestions into parameters like Finance, Love, Ego, Physical Compatibility etc. This is expected to reduce the problems faced by millions while they are trying to choose their life partner. Not only this, users get access to loads of free content on occult science and a range of free services like Free Astrology Report, Free Match Making Report etc.

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04 Jul 2015


Taja is a product that seeks to connect African retailers to their businesses from where ever they are using mobile and the cloud. Considering the level of mobile penetration in Africa. We have created a product that not only helps the a merchant (big or small) use their mobile devices as cash registers. It also helps keep keep track of thier business (Numbers, Records) from where ever they are. All powered by our cloud.

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Orunje is a location based platform, which connects patients with vetted local area doctors and nurse practitioners. Patients login and submit a request, within 2 hours a provider will arrive to their home, office or hotel and provide treatment for routine medical ailments. Orunje's flat rate pricing allows for transparent, affordable high quality care at your convenience. We also provide in home blood draws and x-ray imaging in the case your provider feels these exams are necessary. Simple and Easy.

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So What do you do: 1. When you wish to cut expenses via: carpool or borrow things? 2. When you wish to make your neighborhood: Safer and Better? 3. When you wish to find nearby: fitness-buddies or travelers? These are our everyday problems related to our neighborhood. If we can get neighbors united together, we can make our lives and neighborhood so much better NearGroup.in app, puts you in your neighborhood-group, where you & your neighbors can group-chat and talk about various things that matter. Things Like: suggest local-services to each other, solve local issues, borrow stuff, volunteer together for a cause, play sports together, carpool or even network with other professionals. At NearGroup.in each user is verified. Plus your profile can only be viewed by people registered nearby you. As more & more neighbors unite on NearGroup.in, together we will build a better & safer India. NearGroup.in to be available on PlayStore or AppleStore from 30th July

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mouse ring

a wearable mouse that seamlessly switches between computing devices

Wearables consumer electronics hardware mobile
GV Call

GlobalVoice Call also known as GVCall is a Telecommunication Company Established in 2008, based in Norway. We offer a high quality telecommunication services on affordable price and it works without even depend on WiFi or 3G Network. You go through website and choose an application as preferred to your Mobile device (Our Mobile App works in Android and iOS Mobiles only). It is easy to download and use our Mobile Application. You may find us on Google Play Store and in App Store. Our User-friendly application is for multilevel clients not for specific category. It is already being used by individuals, Business Houses & corporates of small-medium and multi-national enterprises. GVCall Global service gives benefit to the people across continents. We have customer base in USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle-East, Australia and Indian-subcontinent etc.

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www.festvilla.com is a market place wherein people can discover products / services from India during festivals, celebrations, occasions, parties and fiesta. With festvilla.com, we endeavor to organize a large and unorganized vendors market and provide a complete user experience to customers spread across the globe. The objective is to facilitate the consumers to buy products and packages conveniently, away from the crowded place / home.

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Digio Thailand

Digio mPOS helps streamlining your business enabling you to accept card payments anywhere at anytime. Our FinTech Products include mPOS, POS, iBanking, Mobile Payment, Payment Gateway, eCommerce

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Tech BreakThrough

HighFy is an Education Engagement Platform for colleges to solve the complex ecosystem problems within & across stakeholders by using specialized data mining algorithms. HighFy has both mobile & web presence taking the engagement within colleges to the next level of evolution. Complex Ecosystem Problems like Channelizing Alumni-Student Interaction , Collaboration Across Colleges, Engaging Seniors & Juniors within a department, Communication between Parents & Management, etc. existing within a college currently needs the use of technology to solve them.

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24Scoop's initial main audience is college students in the Big Ten Conference. Through its minimalistic design, 24Scoop is an interactive social news app that encourages each user to be their own blogger by enabling them to send and receive short messages to other users as a reaction to the real-time news in their local area based on their location service.

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We Provide a Professional Tv Mounting Service. We offer Mounts Tvs Sonos our clients are everyone from Residential to Huge commercial clients. we also do Surveillance system Cameraz. We provide a Service. GOOGLE ME . ANTHONYS PROFESSIONAL TV MOUNTING SERVICE.

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There are a very small amount of in-home technical support companies, and those that do exist are very expensive. Geekster is developing an intuitive application that connects technical support specialists with those that need help. Geekster will develop a mobile and website application that allows users to, with a few taps of their fingers, easily request in-home technical support without leaving their home or dialing a number. Geekster will enlist experienced technical support specialists from many different fields such as networking, mobile device management, computer repair, and even skills such as photo and video editing. We are currently in the process of filing two design patents. One for scheduling and the other a workflow for requesting technical support. Think Lyft or Uber for the technical support and computer training world. (Logo is currently in development)

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PicVidShare Your World Camera APP will change the way we use the Internet by automatically adding text links to your vieos and pictures. A better Camera, app than Snapchat, whatsapp or Instagram.

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03 Jul 2015

College Media

College Media is a sociamational platform which interconnects colleges, schools, students, alumni and companies. It lets you access any information from any college across the country at point of time just with few clicks

SaaS education mobile social media

We keep consumers connected to their devices 24/7.

SaaS mobile

cell phones, tablets, camera, smart phones, electronic gadgets

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Red Button

Red Button builds clean Websites, Communication Tools, & anything Web App. We do development, design, and strategy. If you're starting from scratch, or if you have everything planned out, we can bring your project to life.

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Future proofed content for smart organizations

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02 Jul 2015

Dash Health Systems

Dash is a cross-platform SDK for HIPAA compliant realtime communication. We handle the routing and transfer of messages/data between users, and allow companies to implement HIPAA compliant push notifications, messaging, and user-to-user features with just a few lines of code. By handling the secure infrastructure, HIPAA compliance, and backend work involved in handling user-to-user communication, Dash lowers costs and simplifies the development so health and wellness companies can get to market faster.

SaaS enterprise software health care information technology mobile

Grafiti animates data into visual, shareable and interactive facts. Our mission is to democratize insights for everyday consumers from data - not just government, NGO or other open data, but data from consumers' apps and topics they care about. Right now, insights lie in the hands of data analysts, policy wonks, economists, scientists, etc. Data analysis and visualization is cumbersome and and limited primarily to web. Through a fresh approach and focus on design, Grafiti aims to let anyone make a point, and make it well - on web and on mobile. Grafiti wants to create a smarter social media and use visual facts to back up our most pressing tweets, chats, posts - on news events, on sports, on stocks, on things that affect our life every single day. By connecting content publishers and data publishers with social media consumers, we are enabling a social space for better conversations.

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Storeswyp is a smartphone based discovery platform and store aggregator for brick mortar based retail establishments. In simple words, we enable users to browse & buy merchandize from stores in their own city. Storeswyp is targetiing "impulse buying" sort of a segment where same day delivery is the requirement with a cool GUI to gamify shopping. Customers als have the ability to chat with the stores and check on specific item. They can even send pictures for reference. Chat can only be initiated by custoemers to protect their privacy. There is a vendor side app from whic vendor can chat, upload inventory and also push promotions to customers around them or only to the specific ones who have wishlisted their products. We believe impulse buying is on an increase and hypelocal shopping makes it appealing.

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SKIDATA Technologies Bangalore

SKIDATA is the world's leading company for access systems. We provide event access, parking access and skiing access systems amongst other solutions. Every Indian Premier League game, and most cricket matches in India have SKIDATA systems for entrance. Bangalore Airport, Hyderabad Airport and many shopping malls such as Orion Mall have SKIDATA parking systems. We provide ski systems for most of the world's prestigious ski arenas.

SaaS mobile parking web development

01 Jul 2015

GOAT - Sneaker Marketplace

Founded in January 2015 and based in Los Angeles, California, GOAT is the easiest and most trusted way to buy and sell sneakers through your mobile device. Whether you’re looking to buy rare sneakers, discover new ones, or make money by listing sneakers you already own, GOAT is your destination. And with authentication services, buyer protections and great customer service, it’s the safest option.

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Not Yet Another Run Of The Mill Grocery App With Unique features. E-commerce cross platform app integrated with wholesale grocery providers at specified Indian Cities (Chennai, Banglore) , a fully customisable innovative framework designed attracting customers to shop online easily via voice inputs and parallely driving revenue via video ads. A proof of concept version which has been worked upon for nearly a year is ready and should be tailored for specific needs mentioned above with payment gateways integrated and individual vendors partnered so that it can be launched into market soon.

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Vorpur-Vendy-Card Manager

Not product, it Products , Service and App! They are infact 3! Vorpur.com - B2C portal, this will serve local people of Dhaka and entire Bangladesh as Flipkart and Aliexpress do in their own country. The rulal people who are now selling product to the corporate houses and get paid not more than 10% from them! This will help remote and rulal people to sell products direct to the consumers and credebility will be ensured. Will start operation from a single location to serve 100% who are connected. And target is to conncet entire Bangladesh within 2 years after strating the operation. Delicaed app and escrow procedure will be intrduced and these service is still new in Bangladesh. Lot more to say..but limit! Vendy - C2C portal what Quickr and Carousel app does in India and Singapore. Current C2C method need some modification to serve people and we will do exactly what user want. Card Manager - User can generate & manage business card in a simplest way like editing photos on Instagram.

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AuthEntry's GateKeeperPro - Passwordless Computing Solution eliminates the need for end users to remember, manage or even use usernames and passwords. Our SaaS Platform puts credential and identity management where security belongs (in IT) end users now only need a mobile device to log in to any application on any device from any location with a simple One Time Passcode that is generated instantly and auto logs them into their accounts. We have combined Secure SSO, Identity Access Management and Two- factor Authentication technologies making it the most comprehensive defense tool for small and large companies to combat internal and external password and identity related cyber threats. One platform that manages the identity life cycle of an organization at a fraction of the cost.

SaaS enterprise security mobile small and medium businesses

MissBeez is a leading on-demand mobile platform dedicated to connecting women with professional beauty (and more) services in their community. The company’s mobile app allows our customers to instantly order any service she desires by simply clicking a button on her smartphone. We utilize creative ways to surprise, delight and address instantly the needs of our international community of women providing a VIP experience to your door.

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Vess is a Cloud Management Platform for IT companies and IT departments. In ten minutes, you install Vess and manage all IaaS platform like Azure, AWS, your own VCenter, even legacy systems. It helps to reduce TCO with his orchestration module and lower the workload for managing Virtual Machines because it's handable with a simple Help Desk team.

SaaS cloud computing iaas mobile

Analytical Tool

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Seekster is Thailand's trusted community marketplace for Service Providers. Seek from a list of service providers and hire them instantly.

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Interactive Lighting Device | Multicolored LED Molecules | Time, Mood Lighting, Music Visualizer, Emoji Messaging | Your Own Tittle Universe

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All our members ,who have a big passion of innovation and flat ideas for the future of our internet world,expand to develop a new service and place for the distribution of smart phone app with the use of sophisticated UX and mechanisms of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Sidekicks is smart virtual assistants from the Philippines. It enables entrepreneurs to quickly hire and build their own virtual teams.

SaaS mobile outsourcing small and medium businesses

This is an idea I got yesterday and that really matters to me. WorkYa will become the online marketplace for contingent work. When an unemployed person needs a job ASAP, she can open the app and the algorithm will search for posts in social media, networks and websites and will put them together on the same platform to unveil promising openings that were hidden out there. By bringing together the benefits of fast, smooth and powerful targeted matching, employers will quickly find people they need, whether they are unemployed, underemployed or discouraged about their job. While the world transits from three to eight billion connected humans, WorkYa will make the most of the potential of crowdsourcing and machine learning to make 1 billion matches of job hunters with employers to enhance the gig economy and untap the hidden job market.

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For USERS: sign in, start receiving products for free. For every product you have an interaction section (Liking the company's Facebook page, post a photo, enter their website, answering a set of questions and watch a video.) We also created a game where the more you interact with the product, more points you get, more points = more products. For COMPANIES, every campaign it is possible to choose their target audience by gender, location and age, and also create an specific filter, like people who ride bicycle without helmet. You can ask a set of questions you want for the users who receive a product. All the users that like your Facebook page can now be reached on future campaigns. And your company has consumers posting photos on their social network with your product. We also generate a page where you can see the detailed campaign results as users interact with it.

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30 Jun 2015

After Care Apps

ACA is a SaaS for the 22 million people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse in the United States as well as those 20 million seeking help (over 10% of the US population) in order to find recovery-specific housing as well as manage/operate available disabled housing in the United States, creating a marketplace and training hub for those seeking and those offering services in recovery from alcohol and addiction. Our present focus is young adult men as well as veterans, having touched over 200 lives over these last 2 years. Featured 3 times on CNN as the first and only data-driven sober living home utilizing our own cloud based software, we are ready to replicate our model and scale.

SaaS health care health care information technology mobile
EdTech Startup

Store and track student academic record and facilitate collaborations with others.

analytics high school students k 12 education mobile

Querent allows you to message businesses en masse or individually, on demand, all from one app. You can explore interactive business profiles and discover new places. Requests, questions and orders are as simple and intuitive as text messaging.

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wise business technologies


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Avema is a mobile app that aims to solve the current problems facing the users of popular social networks. For example there has been an 89% increase of 13 to 19-year-olds with eating disorders in the UK in the past 5 years. Leading experts argue that this rise is due to a teenage culture cultivated on image perfection with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to blame. Avema has been established to combat this and provide a vulnerable generation with an alternate and safer platform to connect and express without fear of self-loathing.This is because the user is and will always be in total control. Due to this Avema also gives the parents peace of mind too. Avema uses a unique mechanism of interaction to do this which eradicates the problem of user passivity displayed on other social media platforms. This allows for an active relationship between an advertiser and a user, which is ultimately more financially worthwhile and viable than advertising options on other platforms.

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Blendoor is a mobile job matching app that facilitates diversity recruiting in tech companies (includes web-based SaaS tool for recruiters). It's a 2-sided platform that adopts the popular pass/like functionality that has made mobile apps like Tinder wildly successful. With 1 swipe recruiters can screen qualified candidates, and candidates can vet relevant job opportunities. Whenever there's a match: Success! Recruiters and candidates will then be able to communicate in app to move forward with the next steps in the recruiting process. Here's the secret sauce: Recruiters only see the candidates qualifications/profile (no photo or name) in order to circumvent unconscious bias. AND in addition to viewing details of the job, candidates can see how the company ranks in key diversity metrics and learn about its diversity events & initiatives. With the data we'll be able to collect we will be able to provide recommendations and key insights to both!

SaaS mobile recruiting

If you are looking for a sport partner, may it be for tennis, soccer, rock climbing or any other sport, you will be matched with someone with the same level, location and availabilities.

Social Network marketplaces mobile sports

Speedbox is a mobile based courier service aggregator that lets you compare services and schedule on-demand pickups for all of your shipping needs. No more phone calls. Stay at home and place an order with a few taps on your mobile phone.

e-commerce logistics marketplaces mobile

Leveraging the Bizi mobile app, users can effortlessly exchange business contact information with both app and non-app users. Exchanges are automatically uploaded to users existing CRMs to ensure data retention. All interactions are tracked and reported back to the users employer through the Bizi web-admin dashboard and CRM. Employers use the Bizi admin tool to monitor and track all interactions that occur within their company, as well as manage user-specific data being exchanged at the point of contact. Bizi's big-data aggregate service provides employers insights to many important data points such as: where the best leads are often located, time of day most exchanges happen, and most importantly retain all business contacts that might have fallen through the cracks or, for example, left with the top sales guy 2 months ago. At our core, Bizi believes in the power of integrations with existing software and building an open platform.

CRM mobile social crm

Our flexible API solution is simple to integrate, seamless and easily adaptable to fit any brand. The service enables a company to boost engagement around their content, save money, save time and get to market quicker with less risk. Never before has there been a solution that delivers a powerful out-of-the-box toolkit including a full spectrum of pre-programmed social features such as invite/find friends, comments, up/down voting, sharing, push notifications, group messaging and user connections. In addition, we provide an in-depth analytics platform that provides customer insights in powerful new ways, including which content customers “like,” how they engage across platforms, lists of similar users, valuable location data and recommendations on how to re-engage customers most effectively. Moreover, the service model is scalable in order to meet the needs of companies of any size.

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Orange Fab Asia

Orange Fab Asia is a three-month start-up accelerator program in Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei that supports Asia-based start-ups aiming to expand to global market, created by Orange Labs Japan/Korea/Taiwan. Orange Fab Asia is intended for early-stage start-ups with an existing product that could benefit from accessing Orange’s distribution channels, markets, partners, executive expertise and global footprint. Our main target includes Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Big data, Video related technologies and services and so on. But it is not limited to the trendy areas. Orange Fab Asia is open to any types of innovation relevant to telecommunication services.

big data enterprise software mobile telecommunications
izit SPA

izit is an app that use ultrasounds, BLE to send relevant notifications to the user, when he need, for example on the subway, sendig changes of route, or sending discount and offers.

brand marketing mobile social media marketing

75% of the world population owns a cellphone. There are endless reasons to use a cellphone. It is used in many different ways in our daily lives: communication, transportation (GPS), leisure, banking, etc. However, this device cannot work all day, and it can sometimes stop working when needed. It is therefore very important and practical to ensure that we can use it at any time. UVolt is a phone charger that works entirely with body heat, but will soon operate using multiple renewable energies. Uvolt was born with the mission to find a way to provide a source of energy that could power electrical devices without causing any harm to the environment.

consumer electronics environmental innovation mobile

Consumers: Ncvrs is a mobile app that makes book browsing a fun serendipitous experience. Publishers/Agents: Slices of aggregate Ncvrs user data will help you better position and market your books online.

data mining mobile publishing

29 Jun 2015


Our SaaS Taxify24 combines a specified customer communication tool (mobile and online) and a customized data management system. So Taxify24 delivers tax consultants are brilliant tool to centralize and fully structure their customer communications. This leads to an expanded customer experience and minimizes doubled work loads and misunderstanding within the consultancy. Our integrated and highly secured data management levels up in faster response rates and 24/7 accessibility to their data. Moreover the clear data structure enables customers to upload (fully independent of devise) whenever and wherever the plan to do their accountings.

Communications software SaaS customer support tools mobile

Alimentes is a mobile application that allow to control the expiration date of your food. You can scan and add your food's information into the app and receive notification when expiration date is near. The application has a section with tips, recipes and a grocery shopping list to make smarter purchases and this way reduce the impact of the food waste. 1/3 of the total world's food is thrown away. 42% of this is wasted in homes. That food is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons, enough to end hunger in many countries.

Social big data mobile

We build custom software solutions for companies around the globe. We specialize in mobile and web development, and offer online marketing services as a benefit to our software development customers.

SEO e-commerce mobile social media web development
Currency Mood

Currency Mood lets you know what is the most convenient Bureau de Change to attend and change your currency. Living on the borderline between México and the United States means handling two kinds of fluctuating currencies: Pésos and Dollars. There are private businesses whose sole purpose is to buy and sell currencies; have been for decades now. The opportunity: There is no centralized way of knowing what the currency rate of the specific Bureau de Change is, other than the signs outside the business. User case: Needs to buy or sell dollars; Opens CurrencyMood; The App guides the user to the most convenient Bureau de Change for one's transactions.

communities financial exchanges maps mobile
Currency Mood

Currency Mood lets you know what is the most convenient Bureau de Change to attend and change your currency. Living on the borderline between México and the United States means handling two kinds of fluctuating currencies: Pésos and Dollars. There are private businesses whose sole purpose is to buy and sell currencies; have been for decades now. The opportunity: There is no centralized way of knowing what the currency rate of the specific Bureau de Change is, other than the signs outside the business. User case: Needs to buy or sell dollars; Opens CurrencyMood; The App guides the user to the most convenient Bureau de Change for one's transactions.

financial exchanges mobile

MagFirst is a leading Digital magazine app development and design company. We design Cross-platform Interactive magazines. Founded in 2011, we have worked for over 25+ digital magazines and 200+ issues. We also provide all Digital publishing related marketing and promotional solutions. Our Digital magazines have constantly ranked among the top Digital publications in the newsstand marketplace. Our major customers are independent publishers and authors. Our clients are majorly from US and the Australia. We are based out of Bangalore and New York. We are looking to build a intuitive platform for educators, advertisers and publishers to track and analyse their products digital engagement and enhance it through analytics. The platform will be mostly for content creators and help them leverage there online publishing effort. With the onset of Apple news app on iOS9, we wish to provide high-end user experiences, rich media and analytics solutions to our customers.

B2B Digital Publishing analytics mobile

Myanmar is relatively new to the modern retail world. It’s been estimated that Myanmar’s consumer spending will triple by 2030 moving their GDP from $1,300 to $5,100 and lifting 18 million people out of poverty. Myanmar’s middle & affluent segment is growing faster than in any other Southeast Asian nation and is expected to double in size by 2020 according to BCG.

analytics mobile mobile commerce retail technology

28 Jun 2015


PynPoints allows people to keep connected to their favorite businesses, organizations and government agencies via notifications that are both time and location aware while allowing businesses to keep their customers or constituents informed of what's happening around them at that moment in time. For example: * Your favorite food truck is going to be near your office at noon. * Your favorite radio station's radio van is parked near your house giving away free concert tickets that morning. * Later that afternoon, the parks and recreation department is having a special event at one of the parks that your children like to visit. * Tomorrow, the highway department is shutting down the on ramp you usually take to work. * One of your favorite bar/restaurant's is offering a 15% discount to any of their PynPoints subcribers who are currently nearby if they arrive in the next 20 minutes. * The power company needs to shutdown the power to your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless!

e-commerce mobile mobile advertising mobile commerce
rfrrd (pronounced "referred")

rfrrd (pronounced "referred") rfrrd is a global marketplace of referral agents which get rewarded for generating new business sales. Now any business, even offline businesses can activate the crowd by rewarding agents for leads or sales.

location based services marketplaces mobile sales and marketing

We have developed a professional tablet which is an ultra portable productivity computing device that allows users to get work done anywhere. The tablet includes a kickstand, magnetic keyboard and a customised Android 5.0 operating system (OS) with pre-loaded productivity applications. The tablet is aimed at students between the ages of 13 and 24, and target clients include schools, universities, government and general consumers. Shipments of tablet PCs to South Africa increased 107.1% year on year in the final quarter of 2013 to total 513,000 units and are expected to surpass PC sales in 2015. The key advantage the professional tablet has over the devices produced by these manufacturers is a superior form factor, and being the only productivity device with an Android OS and access to the Google Play Store. The device has been tested with potential customers and very positive feedback has been given with regard to user experience.

computers hardware + software manufacturing mobile
SuperFluid Labs

SuperFluid Labs is a tech firm that offers analytics and product recommendations using alternative forms of data found in emerging markets like Africa to consumers and businesses to power a suite of data-driven products and solutions. Our SuperWallet offers a financial management app and digital wallet that allows users to track and manage their income and expenditure, enable P-2-P payments, lending and borrowing, and access offers and products. Whilst the SuperBI platform allows enterprises to seamlessly aggregate, analyse and derive insights from both their private and other third-party data stores. Business decision makers can define and customize several KPIs which will be visualized in real-time on via a secure interactive web or mobile dashboard. Across our user channels, service providers such as banks, merchants and utility providers will be able to offer highly personalised products based on user profiles and emerging insights.

Commerce analytics financial services mobile

27 Jun 2015


Blockchain mobile app to transfer money anywhere in the world

Blockchains bitcoin mobile
Reckone Inventions

Ridelogik monitors your motorcycle's engine parameters to diagnose the performance, fuel efficiency and helps in safe riding. It enables the riders to safe hold, charge their smartphone and let you connect with the fellow riders.

automotive hardware + software internet of things mobile
Reckone Inventions

Ridelogik monitors your motorcycle's engine parameters to diagnose the performance, fuel efficiency and helps in safe riding. It enables the riders to safe hold, charge their smartphone and let you connect with the fellow riders.

automotive hardware + software internet of things mobile

26 Jun 2015

Romeo Systems

The Romeo Power Box lets you take real 110v power anywhere.It can be stacked with more Boxes to power bigger things. Most importantly, its charged by you! That's right, we have developed a crank that can be turned by hand, bike or any other method you can come up with! The Box also can be charged by solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, and anything else that creates power. It has 2 usb outlets and built in LED lights on board. With the Box, people all over the world can charge their devices, light up their homes, pump water and get things done much quicker! Safe Clean Renewable energy is the key. It's great for the environment and the user alike! Join us now!

batteries clean energy concentrated solar power mobile
Work Around Me

Work Around Me is a social media platform for office workers strengthening the office community through social events and promotional offers. Today office workers lack a single unified platform to locate businesses around their building and schedule events. The lack of such a centralized service has caused inefficiency in the workplace. Work Around Me enables these workers to quickly identify local businesses, schedule events, and connect with their greater community thereby increasing efficiency and saving office workers time. Additionally, the platform provides workers with a listing of all the local deals and promotions in their area. This saves workers money. By saving employees time and money Work Around Me creates a more efficient work community. The integration of a social network into the platform fosters growth and strengthens the office community.

advertising platforms mobile mobile advertising software

Evolvig allows users to challenge one another to do nice things. They can unlock our in-app digital currency and use that to incentivize their friends. Users can also donate Bitcoin and the Evolvig currency directly to charities, through the app. Users and charities can both exchange their coins for USD, through our integration with digital currency exchanges.

bitcoin charity mobile social media

BallotReady makes it easy to decide who to vote for, by providing background information on all the candidates and referendums on your ballot. The app will have a customization feature that will allow Information on candidates to be tailored to individual users, and will mitigate unintentional bias with respect to the way that information is delivered.

Public Elections analytics mobile ventures for good

25 Jun 2015


Betterpress lets groups of organizations work together to build an audience for their content. It's an aggregated newsfeed and event calendar, with participants hand-picked by publishers. We've built the initial content and audience for 100 San Diego craft breweries, but this can be used by restaurants in your neighborhood, school districts, modern art enthusiasts, political parties, trade associations, and others.

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In real time, parkpocket´s unique digital parking guidance system informs about the availability of parking space, prices and other information in car parks. Intelligent parsing algorithms as well as several quality assurance mechanisms are the foundation of parkpocket ́s data set, which is licensed to players in the mobility industry. The service of parkpocket is also accessible for everybody via it´s free app for Android and iOS. Known from: Chip Online (app of the month), t2n, FAZ, N24, n-tv, impulse, Heise, GOLEM, CeBIT, etc.

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Mobile app engagement doesn't have to be about endless push notifications and annoying popups. Upquire changes that.

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HealthPlix Technologies

Our product is a companion mobile app for the diabetes patients together with an exclusive app for the doctors to improve the clinical experience of treating diabetes.

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24 Jun 2015

NuFit Media

We manage a portfolio of health websites.

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Technation 2015

TECHNATION: новая программа развития для стартапов ранней стадии ПОЛУЧИ $25К инвестиций в формате « equity free» на развитие твоего стартапа! Министерство по инвестициям и развитию Республики Казахстан совместно с Национальным агентством по технологическому развитию и бизнес-акселератором Happy Farm открывает набор на цикл акселерационной программы TECHNATION для стартап-команд из стран СНГ, Европы и Азии. Все очень просто: - если направление твоего проекта: • Мобильные технологии; • Электронная коммерция; • Облачные технологии (big data); • Медиа-технологии; - если ты молод, энергичен, талантлив и одержим идеей улучшить мир; - если у тебя есть начальный прототип продукта, и его успели протестировать несколько твоих друзей; - если твой проект активно развивается, и ты хочешь молниеносно его масштабировать; - если ты хочешь создать успешную глобальную компанию и войти в историю, ПОДАЙ ЗАЯВКУ на участие в программе до 16 июля и пройди конкурсный отбор!

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23 Jun 2015


PestControl is an $8 billion industry that has been largely ignored by modern technology. Pest Control companies are starving for a mobile, modern, and easy to use platform to help them grow their companies. PestRoutes is a completely paperless solution which helps pest control companies manage their company from end to end: Digital contracts Route planning / optimization Automated reminders (SMS/Email/Voice) Paperless, mobile apps for technicians Integrated CC Processing / Billing Professionally branded customer communication Seamless customer portals enabling online bill pay, service history, and feedback Powerful, real-time reporting Whether large or small, PestRoutes can reduce significant amounts of overhead and mundane tasks to allow companies to focus on growth and profitability. It addresses a highly underserved market and is killing the competition.

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Startup - Big Data

Security and convenience

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AdStore is a Mobile Platform bridging video advertising and Market Research on one single platform. Users willingly Watch Movie Trailers, YouTube Channel Promos, and Product Advertisements followed by answering a small poll/questionnaire. The poll/questionnaire is then analyzed on the basis of gender, age group and location which makes it worthy for the brands. Its a mix of Brand Awareness with Market Research. Users in return are gratified with fully paid up Vouchers.

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22 Jun 2015

Magic Add

Delivering digital media the way that consumer pays by transaction has been problematic. Nowadays, to buy digital content, you’ll need a credit card and register a user account or give out password. The application developers also see a difficulty in their business models when the freemium model is becoming more attractive for consumers. Magic Add provides solution to that problem by introducing interactive packaging solution with QR-code app store combined with temperature sensitive printing. When the package is activated, the label changes and reveals a QR-code. This QR-code is a way to enter to a Magic App library where you can choose what application you would like to download – you have already paid the coffee and the digital content in the physical store. This kind of solution will also give a power to the physical brands to have their own, branded, app store.

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21 Jun 2015


Subrb is aiming to change the way we consume visual media. We took the idea of a hashtag, married it to pictures and videos, and created a global platform for people to share their views, experiences and moments. Viewing the content is as easy as swiping left. Adding your own unique moments is only a button press away. With Subrb, we strive to bring the hottest global trends directly to your pocket.

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Margaretta Colangelo Investments


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Connect Stir Technologies

A Digital Platform to Connect Lifestyle Consumer With Best Businesses Nearby . ZapStir aims to be “The One-Stop Destination” for Consumers Lifestyle needs on a Daily Basis! User is a Cnsumer of Lifestyle oriented products & services and the potential is over 105 million in India alone. Zapstir offers Convenience, Relevance, Customer Experience and Affordability to the consumer

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20 Jun 2015


Intelligenz is a simple way to find events around you. Transform your night life and socializing experience by following your friends and socialites. Every time you open Intelligenz, you'll see what your friends have been up to, and the places they've been to. Helping you avoid having FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Intelligenz gives you all the essential details of each event to ensure your satisfaction at each event you attend. * Scroll through the top rated events around you, and always have somewhere to go. * Follow your friends to see which places they're at. * Upload your photos, get comments, views,as well as build up your own audience. * See the Ladies Vs Men ratio, Que Time and much more.

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AppSpots is a new type of customer engagement platform that combines the features and benefits of a mobile app with the convenience and accessibility of a WiFi hotspot. When users connect to an AppSpots WiFi hotspot and launch their browser, a context-aware web app automatically displays relevant local content such as product info, news/events, social media posts and promotions. AppSpots solves one of the largest problems related to location-based mobile customer engagement, which is the difficulty of getting customers to actually download and use a native mobile app. Our platform enables brands to leverage the huge demand for WiFi access in order to offer location visitors a captivating mobile experience, without the need to download any native apps. Simply put, we've reinvented WiFi hotpots to meet the needs of today's world. You can find more info as well as a short video introduction at getappspots.com.

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Moopon App

Moopon is a Customer-Sourced social media advertising platform for local merchants. Customers with smartphones and social media (SM) channel are the local merchant's best customers, since they can and do create content (not limited to, but think food pics) and post it on their SM. Most local merchants do not have the time or the money to produce daily SM posts. Customer-Sourced ads address both of those issues, since the content and distribution is done in the customer's SM channel. From the user's perspective, Moopon is a mobile app that allows them to post on SM in order to get a discount at the merchant location. From the merchant's perspective, Moopon is a SM ad platform to manage Customer-Sourced SM ads. To incentivize the customers, the local merchants give a nominal reward/discount to customers for using Moopon. Moopon collects a monthly fee from merchants who use the platform.

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19 Jun 2015


Extentor is totally committed to Salesforce.com and passionate about its advanced eco-system. Our implementation services cover the entire spectrum: configuration, development, enhancement, support, data migration and integration with external systems of all Salesforce.com products. Our products are built off the Salesforce.com platform too. Our mobility practice builds apps on the Salesforce.com backend. What impact do you want to create? This is the most important question to ask yourself before you decide to work for us. You should join us if you want to build an extraordinary future for yourself. We are bold, ambitious and focused. Our work is always interesting and challenging, with plenty of scope to learn and amaze the world. It keeps us on our toes. Our entire team is Salesforce.com certified and we're constantly pushing new initiatives and innovations. Our customers include: Flipkart, Bosch, United Breweries, CEAT, InMobi, Adani Wilmar Limited, Muthoot Finance etc

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Mobile One

M1 Cash - view the ads and earn money Members earn money when viewing messages received from the advertiser. Now you can earn extra income simply by looking at advertising. M1 Cash - earn money talking on the phone Members earn money for incoming calls, just for talking on M1 Cash app.

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18 Jun 2015


FIELDMOTION provide easy to use business software to maximise productivity and efficiency with field based staff. Our main aim is to reduce unnecessary time filling out paperwork. FIELDMOTION software does this on an employees existing mobile device. Saving time and cost whilst delivering excellent customer service and enhancing company brand and image. Our solution enables real time interaction between the field and the office to seamlessly streamline communication with customers. This organically increases revenue margin and cash flow.

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Shoptag is an aggregator mobile app which enables users to find the right sizes and colors of the desired product in-store and online by scanning the product barcode. The users can reserve the product instantly or they can buy online and have the product delivered directly to their houses. We are here to change the way you shop for good!

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12 Jun 2015


LawnGuru allows you to instantly request lawn service from anywhere at anytime. Mark your lawn, view local providers working in your neighborhood, request a cut. Mowing your lawn has never been simpler.

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10 Jun 2015


Brands and their PR agencies spend time and billions of dollars seeking out great partnership opportunities to 'get their message out'. InstaHype takes the work out of creating these relationships by facilitating and accelerating connections between the brand and 20,000+ social influencers and tastemakers. All through the simplicity of a dynamic email. Social influencers/bloggers are generally not the Martha Stewarts of the world, but they are branding rock star's in their own right. They are trusted personalities with huge social capital in their circles and with their thousands of followers/fans who trust their meaningful recommendations and opinions. These influencers are powerful weapons for brands on any budget, as they can creating significant buzz, provide great links for SEO boosting and truly drive grass roots results leading to revenue for their partner brand. InstaHype provides the spark for bloggers to collaborate with interesting brands they want to work with.

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09 Jun 2015


Spreadrr’s vision has been to create a system that allows companies, beginner and experienced, access to a different mail vision. We know that sometimes you do not have the sufficient resources to launch your project. The principle is simple, you want to increase your number of visitors and/or customers? We take care of everything and we present your company, through an improved mail, to a community divided into different categories. With support from the community, Spreadrr combines innovative features and affordable pricing in order to be the best company. We also pride ourselves on reducing the rate of spam in your mail box.

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ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Post worldwide.

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06 Jun 2015


Bean connects Bluetooth beacons with popular time tracking software. This enables effortless time tracking based on your proximity to a beacon. Simply place a beacon anywhere you want to log time. When you are within proximity, your smartphone takes care of the rest. No more remembering to start and stop timers. No more headaches.

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05 Jun 2015


Tagatoo, a Silicon Valley-based startup, was founded on the belief that communication is better when it is clear, direct, and intentional. The company’s eponymous, patented product is an advanced but simple-to-use solution that empowers people to communicate better through email. Tagatoo is the free, patented app that transforms your never-ending stream of emails into clear, organized, and actionable communication for radically improved productivity. Designed to plug-and-play seamlessly with your computer or mobile device, Tagatoo is currently available for your Gmail and Google-Apps accounts (other platforms coming soon). No new account or IT integration required—navigate with ease through Tagatoo’s clean, simple design. If you know how to send an email, you know how to Tagatoo.

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02 Jun 2015


To keep pace with the proliferation of mobile devices, applications and data, the world must move beyond passwords and PINs toward more sophisticated security measures. First generation external biometrics including fingerprint, voice and Iris are now commonplace. B-Secur represents the next generation of internal biometrics. Our technology uses medical grade ECG technology to authenticate an individual, with a wide variety of applications for consumers and enterprises including added protection for personal information, mobile banking and even cars and building access control. Our advanced technology and processes are already winning awards and accolades in the Financial Services industry.

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01 Jun 2015

Cerebsoft Technologies and Consulting

• Even though there is an advent of websites, at present most house rentals / new house purchases take place via a third party broker • Broker has at his disposal a large amount of data of potential owners / lessors and of real estate projects -is real time, fresh data which will be updated after every deal (as opposed to the stale data on existing websites) • For a broker to list properties on existing sites, they have to pay high charges for listing even a single property. • There exists an opportunity to store all this data in an Information System type mobile application which will serve as a data repository of real-estate projects and customers • With sufficient and relevant customer info, appropriate analytics can be applied to keep track of customer’s needs and preferences and brokers can push relevant opportunities to target market. There is no existing app or system which brings together all of these features for brokers, which makes it potential market changer.

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29 May 2015


WhereMySurgeApp! is a surge acquisition, trends, and analytics platform for Uber Driver-Partners. It helps Drivers increase their earnings by proactively monitoring and notifying them of real and potential surges. Driving during “surges" can substantially increase a driver’s earnings - WhereMySurgeApp notifies the drivers through the website app, email, and SMS push notifications on where and when these surges are occurring globally.

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28 May 2015


HeyHi connects you to customer service representatives on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Stop waiting on hold and resolve issues on your time by starting a chat using the HeyHi app. As a customer, rate the outcome of each resolution and provide feedback to the company. As a company, free up your customer service reps to resolve multiple issues at once and improve service in the future through active feedback and ratings from customers.

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27 May 2015


An UX mobile service for PMs, Developers, Designers and Testers. *User Testing in the cloud *Feedback and Bug-Report *Make User Interaction Video Problem: 1. Users wouldn’t be able to articulate the error. 2. User scenario couldn’t be duplicated via log records. 3. Current comment formats helped little to demonstrate the problems. UXTesting provides… *User Video *Feedback *Log-synced video *Professional Testers *Analysis Report = Best Solution to App Optimization www.uxtesting.io

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25 May 2015


Our technology allows you to use a touchscreen with the same ergonomic convenience and accessibility as a keyboard or gaming controller. Work and play quickly with increased focus, doing more with just a single hand than you previously ever could with two.

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The idea is pretty simple. Using a semantic parser we can convert Java code into Objective C/Swift code and vice-versa. Given our experience creating custom compilers to convert COBOL to java in z/Os platforms, we believe we can apply the know how to other platforms.

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24 May 2015


Our Doubles get shit done for founders so they can focus on adding values to their startups. Throw us anything. If we can't complete the task, we will source and project manage the execution.

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22 May 2015

Gest - Email Alternative

Gest makes emailing more efficient by eliminating one information point - the email address. Send emails to phone numbers.

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21 May 2015


A2Zapps.com - a Cloud-based Mobile-first Operating System (OS) – is revolutionizing the way Businesses use computing for work and to collaborate within their employees, partners and customers. The OS- A Super App - is built on platform-neutral and device-agnostic HTML5 technology with industry-standard REST API, and is available on any devices at a subscription fee affordable to the smallest businesses and the largest corporations. We don’t give you hard-coded apps. We give you a mobile-first app platform(Super App) where you can start with your choice of apps, customize existing apps or get brand new apps in few hours/days A2Zapps is out with a mission to change the way software is consumed , so stay tuned for our monthly announcements.

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20 May 2015


Wingant lets your create your own sharing economy system for anything. Like airbnb, dogvacays, Uber, getaround,.. You are going to build the next great one? It is very fast, we will help you. Wingant is the best solution for building a sharing economy platform quickly. We can: + Consults and work with you to get the perfect idea. + Customize our solutions to suit your business. + Provide the right feature for crowing your platform. Our solution is available for web and mobile(iPhone and Android). With Wingant, You have: + Save Time. + Save Money. + Get a high quality platform. Make your dream come true with Wingant. Our solution is your wings.

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19 May 2015

DaVinci Apps

Making beautiful screenshots for App Store and Google Play is currently one of the biggest time-inefficient activities in developing. DaVinci Apps (www.davinciapps.com) significantly simplifies the process of creating App Store & Google Play screenshots for mobile apps. We offer pre-designed templates with tons of customizable options, screenshot translations, fast and easy way to export screenshots in every required resolution.

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17 May 2015

Wck'd Studio

A technological playground where all dreams and visions of beautifully minded people come together to create, prototype, develop, test, play, release :: the greatest, most meaningful consumer and enterprise applications = wckd.it Each app will add value to a users day to day life. We will start development on the "untitled project" :: As I have yet to find the most suitable name for the platform. Imagine a world, a platform, where we can truly collaborate. By that I do not mean box or drive etc. These are great file storage AND collab. platforms and have set a path for future platforms such as mine. "untitled project" is the pinnacle flag ship alongside a social media platform (blurb.it) set to be the most advance social tool to ever be placed in our hands. "untitled project" brings together all your favorite tools & platforms from :: dev/creative, social, file storage, learning, sharing, inviting and introducing into one custom UI. It will be the platform to change how we work.

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14 May 2015


Skyware is an early stage startup that builds low cost user obsessed smarter UAV systems with focus on making real world data available in real time to those in need and as many times needed. Buy Skyware drones or collect data on demand via our partner pilots certified by the skyware wingman program. Imagine the impact you could make in your business practices if you had access to valuable data that could aid in smarter decision making. What if you had realtime proactive information about the health of your crops, with ability to understand their stress differentiation, manage field irrigation system better and repeat surveys on your land as frequently you wanted yet not burn a hole in your pocket?

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The Guild

"Imagination OS" can be licensed for a fee, and then freely modifiable. This could become an OS which is unique to each user. App icons display data from within the app, and functions can be done from the app icon instead of opening the app fully. Apps will have the ability to have their own 3rd party plugins called "mini apps". "Genius Phone" has a 7 1/4" screen: the widest and largest screen of any phone. 4.72" x 5.7" The indentation grip on back allows such a wide phone to be held.

consumer electronics hardware + software mobile operating systems

13 May 2015


EcartToday is a community delivery service for daily, weekly and monthly community deliveries. Customers buy their delivery gift card online; scheduling their pickups and deliveries. We hire Veterans as our drivers along with Uber and LYFT on Senior Discount Days; and want to provide Drone Delivery in large metro areas. Customers are 50+ boomers, college students, corporations, social gatherings and community events. Deliveries include groceries, Starbucks, light pharmacy. Grocery delivery provides customers with convenient delivery scheduled in advance and adds a benefit to aging seniors. ECartToday also helps community nonprofits with a buy a delivery/give a delivery.

Real-time GPS Fleet Monitoring Services drones mobile transportation

Pypestream will revolutionize the way we communicate and make everything realtime. It's what e-mail looks like when it is all grown up. Launching Q3, 2015. Shhhhhhh until then....

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S.A. Traut Associates

S.A. Traut Associates is an unparalleled and pedigreed technical and C level talent acquisition firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring “passive” Super-Engaged (top 1%) talent. With our outside the box and distinctive hourly business model, clients pay no fees and save millions in operating expenditures. We satisfy critical need position openings for a select group of VIP Fortune 300, venture capital or privately funded clientele. Some niche areas of focus are mobile, social e-commerce, SaaS, big data analytics, flash storage, PCIe, digital cloud, iOS, front/back-end app integration, and consulting engineering. Our goal is to show our VIP clients a substantial savings of 25% to 70% when compared to excessive industry recruiting fees by providing them with our innovative services…saving clients $1.4 to $2.2 million in recruiting costs.

cloud data services drones mobile video games

Thaumatec is an Internet of Things and Embedded Systems Development Service Provider and PTC ThingWorx System Integrator. We provide hardware and software development services out of our location in Wrocław Poland. We understand the Internet of Things not only as a connected embedded system, but as a holistic cloud-to-swarm stack of technologies and solutions. As a service provider Thaumatec provides software and hardware development services for the whole spectrum of IoT technologies including in-cloud applications and big data analytics. We are a development partner for companies in Europe and the US.

embedded hardware and software internet of things m2m mobile

12 May 2015

Innolinks Ventures

Innolinks makes early stage investments in promising startups and provides expertise and assistance in these enterprises. We invests in innovative technology startups with global vision. Areas of interest include smart hardware, health and consumer mobile.

hardware + software health care mobile venture capital

10 May 2015


While on a call this "Lifesaver" app allows you to introduce a sound that is so loud and unbearable that hanging up is the only reasonable decision.

Communications software entertainment industry hardware + software mobile

07 May 2015


ExpressPigeon (EP) is a new Chicago-based email service provider (ESP). EP provides a complete and cost effective solution for marketing and transactional emails. We make it easy to create, send and track professional emails that look great across all providers and devices. We are helping small and medium-sized companies with custom email solutions. We are recognized as a high-performing ESP and a top Chicago technology startup by G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform.

e-commerce email marketing email newsletters mobile

06 May 2015


Doordeck is an access control and video-entry system for apartment blocks that desire control from their smartphone. We bring the Internet of Things and the Cloud together for residents to experience what answering the door should be like - as simple as answering a FaceTime call.

cloud infrastructure communications hardware embedded hardware and software mobile

05 May 2015

ITS Partner

ITS Partner is a software development company, headquartered in Eastern Europe. We work for the US, Europe, and Asia. Our core competence is FIRMWARE / MIDDLEWARE / EMBEDDED SOFTWARE and OPERATING SYSTEMS for Data Storage`s. Additionally we do clouds, web UI`s and desktop / mobile devices clients for these solutions. Eastern European guys are well educated, smart and cost effective!

R&D embedded hardware and software internet infrastructure mobile

27 Apr 2015

Constellation Sports

Constellation Sports is a web and mobile-based skill building platform that​ ​allows​ ​coaches​ ​to create​ ​player-specific, video based training ​programs. ​Constellation creates professionally produced​ high-definition videos which are assigned to players from categories including: skills and drills, inspirational messages from professional sports stars,​ ​teachable moments from games​ and injury prevention modules created by top sports medicine professionals. The platform will be highly customizable per organization with white label branding, messaging, compliance tracking, sensor integration​ ​and​ a sports gear store. ​ Top teams, leagues and coaches are joining as launch partners to ensure the highest standards of content and functionality to benefit everyone.

Python developer tools mobile software engineering

26 Apr 2015


Secret. Wait pls to the end of summer.

hardware + software mobile mobile devices

24 Apr 2015


Founded in 2013, Nuracode is the fastest-growing mobile development agency in the south-east US. We focus on working with talented people who create thought leading ideas. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, our 10+ member team strives to provide the most innovative and forward-thinking digital products and services the world over. We provide expertise in application development, interactive marketing, integrated strategy, direct- response advertising, branding and web-based analytics.

drones e-commerce mobile software

We are a Technical development company specializing in Web Design and Programming Support including Hardware and Technical Support for Clients in the Treasure Coast Florida area, helping business get into the online enviroment and bring their current business online.

3d printing digital media e-commerce mobile

homePad develops the first simple and intuitive paperless solution for real estate managers. The digital application allows generating different type of secured reports (i.e. property inspection, house or building reports). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOOjh6kEWJE

SaaS data security mobile real estate

23 Apr 2015



SaaS mobile telephony

22 Apr 2015


At Zappy, we are on the path to creating the best solution for solving a problem faced by 200 million people in the US alone: a dead smartphone while on the go. Our solution incorporates a portable app-driven device "Zappy" soon to be found in venues such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and retail stores on every block across cities.

consumer electronics hardware + software mobile

21 Apr 2015



Growth Hacker email marketing mobile mobile advertising

17 Apr 2015


Crehana is a project-based education marketplace where people learn creative skills from industry experts. Anyone can take a class, watch short videolessons and create projects. 1. Enroll in a class. 2. Learn on the go. 3. Create and share a project. At Crehana, we are building a learning system for the new work economy. Dependent professionals and freelancers are in need of learning resources that adapt to their daily lifestyle. You can learn anytime, anywhere, at any pace.

collaborative consumption creative industries marketplaces mobile

16 Apr 2015

The Untamed Portfolio

It is my pleasure to introduce to you The Untamed Portfolio Limited www.untamedportfolio.com . An exceptional tour operator company based in Nairobi, Kenya that develops and runs exquisite, viable and productive safaris in East Africa. Our main aim is to fully satisfy the needs of our clientele as well as enhance environmental awareness through environmental awareness and conservation. The Untamed portfolio Limited was formed casually late in the year 2008 after a group of young experts sought the idea of networking to conduct exclusive safaris in and around Kenya. The interest cultivated in this young professionals sought to nourish their clientele with quality services and adequate knowledge on Africa’s Natural resources, Culture, Tourism and Sustainable development as well as share their experiences with their clients from different parts of the world.

Online Friendship email marketing mobile social media

15 Apr 2015


XPNDBLS is offering the first modular battery case for smart devices. XPNDBLS is offering the first battery case using the latest USB Type C connector. XPNDBLS is offering the first reusable and removable battery case in the industry, where the user can use the battery to charge their own phone in a battery case application or charge other devices as a stand alone battery bank using the same modular battery. XPNDBLS is offering the first mobile Xpansion kits allowing for mobile hardware Xpansion leveraging the phone high computing power in specialized hardware to address industrial, biomedical and consumer level applications.

consumer electronics embedded hardware and software internet of things mobile

06 Apr 2015


Corvectra is a sensor technology company currently developing Cortemis™, a hand held biosensor designed to deliver real time blood test results at the point of care using a patent-pending hand held device design. No needles required. No more blood labs. No more waiting for lab results. There is no technology like Cortemis™ in current clinical use. Cortemis™ is designed to reduce the cost and time required to triage and treat critical care patients by giving trained healthcare workers the ability to perform a suite of complex clinical diagnostics at 10x less cost, and in 1/4 the time of the fastest devices on the market. Some of these critical tests are rarely ordered due to cost and complexity, but >50% of the time, they radically change patient care. With real-time access to these tests, lives can be saved. The Cortemis™ system is designed to bring its proprietary platform to address these problems in a research-validated $500M US market.

Digital Health health care mobile sensors

SimSim is a connected lock built from the ground up for the sharing economy and to enable the fast growing last mile services. SimSim is different from other smart lock startups in how we approach the market with our product and design choices - 1. Our hardware is designed to be more flexible – can be attached with a double sided command tape for temporary purposes or can be permanently attached with screws. 2. In addition to iPhone and latest android phones, we support older android phones running classic Bluetooth which account for 50% of the US android market and windows phones which account for 4% of the entire US smartphone market. This is crucial for our users to effortlessly share access with others without worrying about compatibility of their guest’s phones. 3. Our apps and web dashboard support powerful property, lock and user management solutions through simple and elegant interfaces. We also enable bidirectional discovery - guests and hosts can discover each other.

communications hardware hardware + software internet of things mobile

02 Apr 2015


Breeze the future of air quality monitoring for offices and smart cities. It consists of a hardware sensor device and a cloud platform that offers management and reporting functionality. In contrast to existing solutions Breeze is affordable, small and simple to use and integrate. Indoor air quality in offices directly affects the health and productivity of employees. We enable businesses to easily monitor air composition and optimize it with behavioural suggestions and solutions from a customized marketplace. Current air quality monitoring solutions for smart cities are expensive, large and complex. Due to our smallness and our competitive pricing model, cities are able to roll out Breeze as a fine-meshed sensor network. This enables them for the first time to make data-driven decisions, effectively plan the city layout and evaluate the success of urban development measures.

mobile sensors smart city smart home

28 Mar 2015


IFLGeek Carboid Thermal Paste, is the last thermal paste any computer needs. Four distinct types of Diamond carbon polymer, optimized for any cooling application. Won't scratch, tarnish or pit any surface. CPU+ for the high mounting pressure of Air Coolers CPU- for the low mounting pressure of Liquid Coolers CPU M for Laptops, Xbox, Playstations and mobile devices GPU for all graphic card cooling solutions.

computers embedded hardware and software mobile retail

23 Mar 2015


Email has not changed for a long long time. We think our product will revolutionise the way email is used. Look at it this way: Rather than you becoming interrupted by your mailbox, most of it spam or low-value emails any way, let Komposr make you more productive and you get to devote your free time to other useful things in life. Some screenshots attached. 2 of those show Google's gmail as we intend to keep a similar UI look and usability in certain areas as users are used to that.

e-commerce email marketing global mobile

14 Mar 2015


NUMBERCOP is a mobile security company which was established to combat phone spam, such as unsolicited calls and spam text messages. NUMBERCOP's innovative protection service "NUMBERCOP Phone Spam Blocker" tracks and blocks fraud calls and mobile phishing attacks from hundreds of thousands of spam numbers and is now available in more than 20 countries. NUMBERCOP's spam intelligence powers top selling iPhone and Android security apps and protects carriers and brands from voice and messaging threats.

mobile security telephony

27 Jan 2015


Sell products from your Airbnb, seamlessly.

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29 Sep 2014


Mobile telephone is convenient, because everybody has one, but it is certainly expensive when you dial internationally. Skype or Viber service simplifies significantly international communication, but it is not reliable or accessible if 3G and WiFi is weak or not available and you have to pay extra if call recipient is not logged-in into the service. Avox solved those deficiencies of Skype and Viber. It works when 3G and WiFi are not available and it is free to call either landline or mobile phone regardless of its 3G/WiFi access. This is achieved by Avox proprietary solution that lets sharing users mobile minutes to the Avox cloud and reallocate them among others Avox users and regular phone users.

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26 Jul 2014



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17 Jul 2014

Zip Phone

Meet Zip Phone – a smartphone app that works seamlessly to connect you with your contacts, for free.

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10 Jun 2014

Aleph Mobile Agency

Aleph Mobile Agency is now positioned as a Low Cost Web Agency. The compagny is able to develop of both products as of customizable products for the very small business. Now our project is in the telephony : DringDring DringDring is the indispensable solution that will allow, on a single smartphone to have one or several phone numbers and manage scheduled (cut them, them pause, resume them, abandon them...) Between Viber and Skype DringDring offers the alternative to low costs, to reach and be reached anywhere in the world for local pricing on a single smartphone. Affecting all layers of population, covering all needs in telephony, it is sufficient to have a 3G or Wifi connection and: DringDring the phone is rigging !!!!!

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07 Apr 2014


TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages and place calls to *any mobile phone number* in United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 40 countries in the World for FREE. What makes TextMe different? With TextMe you and your friends can: - Send as many Texts as you want (real SMS, not yet another whatsapp clone) to any number in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries worldwide FOR FREE - Call any number in the US, Canada and 200 Countries in the World - Enjoy Free Video Calls to other textme users - Send and Receive large Pictures, Videos and Voice Messages from iPhone/iTouch/iPad to iPhone/iTouch/iPad - Receive phone calls on your number and enjoy Free Voicemail - Share your location in one click - Enjoy group texting features with text, photos and videos

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28 Mar 2014

Crown Castle International


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30 Jan 2014

Smart Voicemail

Smart Voicemail is an Advanced Voicemail with a Virtual Assistant for smartphones and telephones. The major differentiator is that it has 'status updates & availability' to quickly let the callers know why you missed their call in contrast to a static Voicemail greeting that was recorded months ago. These status updates can be from Organizational UC / presence server or Facebook / Twitter or from your personal / work calendar. It's smart enough to suggest and guide you throughout the day of packed schedules. It's also viewed as an Out-Of-Office / Vacation responder for Smartphones. Not just that, it also understands the context of every communication and help users organize their communications better.

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29 Nov 2013


The digital divide remains a huge global issue: only 38% of the world population use the Internet (source: International Telecommunications Union). This is due to literacy, digital literacy, access to devices, and access to internet connection. Current efforts rely on new infrastructure and delivering devices and literacy. Thus, they are hindered by steep adoption curves. In contrast, the amount of people that have access globally to voice telephony is staggering: 29% for fixed and 96% for mobile. Recent advances in cloud telephony and speech recognition, open the possibility of delivering Internet access to billions around the world, using resources that a great majority already enjoys: a telephone and their voice! This is what Verbal aims to achieve: to deliver internet services and content, through voice telephony, to potentially millions of users in many countries.

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06 Nov 2013


The main target of Tag&Find is to combine RF technology and Mobile. Our flagship product is a smartphone add-on which will help you to track your valuables. It's a kit containing a back cover for your smartphone, a set of small RFID stickers, and a downloadable tracking mobile application - to find your assets, or to warn you if they disappear. The second line of a product is intended for industrial world, as we develop very cheap and tiny RFID reader. It's an assets management application for industry and medium-to-small businesses The main advantage, comparing to current tracking solutions, is our price and convenience. Our tags unlike various Bluetooth devices are so thin and tiny, that can be attached to really small objects, and they don't need a battery. Our scanning cover becomes an integral part of a phone. Our product will be a technological break-through in RF technology, and we will cooperate with different industries and manufacturers in order to widen its usage

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05 Sep 2013


Garageio brings smartphone control and monitoring to your existing garage door opener. With Garageio, you can control up to three separate garage door openers with one device. You receive alerts if you leave your door open too long and if you are away on vacation. The best part is, you can share access with your close friends and family (up to 10 people) for free! No monthly service fee. No setup fee. No fees whatsoever! Installation is simple and it works with almost all door openers, new and old, even if they are different makes/models. Garageio... Your garage. Your smartphone. Together at last.

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24 Jul 2013

Nugg Solutions Corp.

Nugg is building a platform for the mobile apps needed by today's hybrid teams. Our entry point is an app that makes it easy for people to stay up-to-date across their teams, surfaces critical issues, identifies energy and engagement and drives faster decision making. Our entry segment is people who work on multiple teams: management consultants, investors, and IT implementation teams. Nugg identifies and predicts high performance teams. Team managers & members are inundated with information while stakeholders are often left in the dark. In hybrid teams, people work on multiple teams; teams have members from more than one organization. Customer interviews have found that managing updates while maintaining security is a recurring problem, destroying performance while putting organizations at risk. Nugg provides a simple, secure and mobile solution that generates team energy & engagement.

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17 Jul 2013

OpCon Technologies

KnowledgeKeeper is a cloud based HD video procedure system that supervisors use to capture their best practices and changes while they are doing their best work and making changes. Employees install the KnowledgeKeeper mobile app from the Apple store on their iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads or the usually preferred iPad Mini. They can also use the KnowledgeKeeper web app on a laptop or desktop computer to capture, upload, search, play and securely collaborate their HD video procedures, methods and observations. Once uploaded into KnowledgeKeeper every word in every HD video procedure is searchable and they can securely share those video procedures with everyone on their team. The collaborative effect of a group of mechanics, operators, technicians and electricians using their smart phones or video cameras as "pencils" results in a company KnowledgeKeeper library of best practices that is the cornerstone of human performance in day to day field operations.

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15 Jul 2013

Marca Me

The app itself is an Android based screen lock. The screen lock will be in the form of advertisements that the customer can engage with whilst they unlock their phone. The customer will be rewarded with exclusive offers, discounts, coupons, loyalty points and general fees. Marca Me will deploy of a number of alternative themes to unlock your phone, ensuring there are a variety of methods to release your phone.

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02 Jul 2013

CallSmart by Tribeca Mobile

We are developing a mobile app which could be monetized in a few different ways. For example, if Time Warner were interested... we could have the app pop up Time Warner ads (on your iPhone / Droid) during the phone call and ask you to rate the Time Warner customer service agent (1 star to 5 stars) after the phone call... both in an unintrusive manner. Or, if Salesforce.com were interested in a integrating a CRM tool with a sales person's smartphone... then our app would display the recipient's latest Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter posts during the phone call and allow the caller to type into Evernote or schedule a meeting in Google Calendar after the phone call. Say, if you call Nobu and have a tough time getting the maitre d'... then our app would display a link to OpenTable or Seamless Web during the call and reviews of other competing or nearby restaurants on Yelp or Zagat.

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Most followed 'mobile' startups

FG Angels

Angelist Followers: 2660

FG Angels is a @FoundryGroup joint. We are committing $2.5 million to FG Angels with a goal of making 50 investments between now and the end of 2014 in companies that list on AngelList. We will invest $50,000 of our own money in each company and the balance from our syndicate, which we will cap at $500,000. For these seed investments we will focus on people over ideas (the idea is the price of admission), will decide quickly, and will run in a pack with other angels as we don’t have to be the lead investor. We will be acting like angel investors in these investments – it’ll be unlikely that we’ll follow on in later rounds, unless the company specifically fits in one of our Foundry Group themes, and we won’t be taking board seats in these companies.

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Angelist Followers: 2517

"Betaworks is building a version of the Web that CEO John Borthwick and his team of builders want to live in — spartan-designed media on top of apps on top of utilities that all disjointedly make the social Web a better place, leveraging one another to do it." - Erin Griffith, Pando Daily - portfolio includes Tumblr, Twitter, Kickstarter, as well as up-and-comers like RapGenius, Grand St., Branch and IFTTT - bought Digg for $500k, rebuilt from scratch - bought Instapaper, the original “read later” product from former Tumblr CTO Marco Arment - built Dots, the insanely addictive game - built Giphy, a gif search engine - built Bit.ly, the first link shortener

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Angelist Followers: 2161

Twice a year, startups from around the globe enter Betaspring's intensive 13-week accelerator program. Our full-immersion program (Spring and Fall) enables teams with a strong start on a high-growth venture to rapidly transform into fundable, scalable companies. We've accelerated 83 companies in 7 sessions and our alumni have raised $32M+ in follow-on funding. Betaspring works with our startups to refine their products/services, accelerate user/customer acquisition, and test delivery and business models. Through interactions with Betaspring Mentors and select audiences, each startup polishes their company pitch and demo to present to investors and potential partners throughout the session, concluding with a series of launch events during week 12. By the conclusion of the program, companies are well-positioned to attract follow-on funding or have built a path to profitability wherein they can operate without additional investment. Apply thru F6S at http://betaspring.com/apply

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Angelist Followers: 2029

Path brings people closer together. Guided by the belief that mobile technology will fundamentally change the cultural, social, and economic landscape, Path focuses on simplicity, quality, and privacy to reinvent how you interact with the people, places, and things in your life to be more personal.

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Angelist Followers: 1862

Amplify is a hands-on startup accelerator in Los Angeles, California. We amplify startups by providing seed funding, access to additional capital, and an unmatched team of mentors and advisors. Every company accepted will receive $50K-$200k in seed funding and free workspace at our Venice Beach campus.

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SaaS Startups by Flight.vc

Angelist Followers: 1720

The SaaS Syndicate is laser focused on identifying, investing in and making SaaS businesses successful. SaaS businesses have to learn several key techniques to succeed. Having invested in a number of them, we are now building a network of SaaS companies to: - Share best practices on pricing, upsell, funnel, SEM and more - Help build inside sales teams - Research and identify the best tools for sales productivity - Build closer relationships between SaaS CEO's and investors - Find opportunities to cross-sell or leverage shared needs across numerous SaaS companies Are you a SaaS founder or CEO? Follow us and ask to join up-coming networking dinners. Are you a Vendor to SaaS companies? We're looking for preferred vendors who will offer higher levels of support.

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Angelist Followers: 1639

Crew connects vetted projects with a handpicked community of independent designers and developers who have worked on products like Hotel Tonight, Dropbox, and Path. 1. Submit your idea 2. Get a budget recommendation 3. Start working with the best maker for your project Within a day. We are at the start of the most significant economic movement since the Industrial Revolution. With the tools available today, work is being redefined. We have more power than ever before to be our own bosses. To stay independent. To develop our own passions. And work from any space, any place, anytime, anywhere. At Crew, we're building a system for this new economy. One that values the results of the work done, not just the dollar price. Where people receive quality results, independent professionals get consistent quality work, and products are created that both client and maker can be proud of.

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Angelist Followers: 1508

Circa is a new kind of media company that enables readers to more easily consume, engage with, and follow the day’s news by delivering comprehensive yet to-the-point coverage in a format tailored specifically for mobile lifestyles. Our apps provide bullet point, Cliff's notes-like news stories that gives readers the facts without all of the fluff. We're also pioneering a new kind of news consumption where readers can subscribe to *individual stories* by following them, they later receive updates to those stories as they're updated over time by our editorial staff. Circa is a refreshing new perspective on how news can be covered and consumed in our ever-changing mobile world.

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Angelist Followers: 1483

Couple is an app just for the two of you. It helps you stay connected, and feel close to each other. Whether it's texting, sharing videos, photos, sketching together and more, Couple let's your partner know that you're thinking about them.

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Angelist Followers: 1477

Calm is working to bring the amazing benefits of meditation to a busy world. Web: http://www.calm.com iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/app/calm.com/id571800810 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.calm.android&hl=en

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Angelist Followers: 1377

Elevate is a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills. Members are provided with a personalized game-based training program that adjusts over time based on performance. Elevate has been selected by Apple as the App of the Year for 2014. Since launching in May 2014, Elevate has been downloaded more than 6 million times on the App Store and Google Play. The team is 16 people and based in San Francisco.

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Angelist Followers: 1376

We are building what will be the first *killer apps* for the rapidly emerging mass medium of virtual reality. Along the way, we are also building out a set of tools for developers, including a native monetization platform, which we originally developed for mobile gaming and then recently adapted to virtual reality (producing jaw-dropping impact, as hinted by the still images above). The off-the-charts reactions to that product adaptation led to our passionate pivot into virtual reality, the next mass media platform.

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Launchpad LA

Angelist Followers: 1372

$100,000 in seed funding, free office space in the heart of Santa Monica, community events, special workshops, high-value mentor and investor meetings, a tight group of awesome entrepreneurs

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Mobile Roadie

Angelist Followers: 1270

Mobile Roadie is a self-service SaaS platform that lets anyone create their own mobile app in minutes at a fraction of the cost of building one from scratch. We power 5,000+ apps and mobile websites with customers in 40 countries. A highly versatile product, brands we power include Harvard University, Red Bull, Harley Davidson, San Diego Zoo, Cirque du Soleil, Wynn Las Vegas, Staples Center, Dallas Mavericks, The Beatles, and the World Economic Forum, reaching 21MM+ users (and adding 1MM/month!)

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Angelist Followers: 1261

Over 40 million families are using the Life360 app to change the way they organize, communicate, and stay safe. Our location sharing and in-app messaging technology simplifies daily communication between family members, helping them stay connected when they’re on the go. With Life360, simply open the app and instantly see everyone in your private Circle on the map, receive alerts when your kids to get school safely, get help in an emergency, and group chat with your closest contacts. Our platform makes connected devices family and location aware and we are actively building an ecosystem of partners to bring the reality of the connected car and smart home to life. Whether it’s home security and automation or the latest in-car technology, we are working with industry leaders like: ADT Security Systems, AT&T Digital Life, SmartThings, IFTTT and BMW to make the smart home and connected car a reality.

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Angelist Followers: 1240

Clarity allows anyone to get paid for their advice over the phone. It's like Quora for voice. Regardless if you live in San Francisco or rural Canada, getting advice from those who've been successful is one of the best ways to move your dreams forward. Clarity wants to solve the "advice" problem for everyone around the world.

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Angelist Followers: 1231

LaunchKey is the first decentralized auth platform for the Post-Password Era and the Internet of Things (IoT) that turns the mobile devices customers, end users, and employees already own into flexible smart keys capable of strong multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, real-time authorization, access control, and identity verification -- all through one consolidated solution that's more secure and capable than password-based alternatives. The LaunchKey Auth Platform is platform-agnostic, and can be white-labeled and self-hosted, giving organizations complete end-to-end control. Example use cases: - Password-free login (web, mobile, desktop, etc.) - Multi-factor authentication (online or offline) - Real-time purchase authorization - Single sign-on (SSO) - Group authentication / Two-Man Rule (multi sig) - Legacy 2-step authentication (with or without passwords) - Identity verification - Physical access control - etc.

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Angelist Followers: 1226

Sunrise is redesigning the calendar. Founded by former designers from @foursquare. "Foursquare alums see a world where everything connects to your calendar" – The Verge.

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Angelist Followers: 1148

We curate the best rooms from people who want to rent out their shared space. We allow users to search for the right room and roommate based on lifestyle preferences. Users can apply for the rooms, connect with potential roommates via in-app messaging, and pay rent all within one app. Roomi is re-inventing the roommate search by prioritizing the person as much as the place and price. Our free, mobile app simplifies the roommate search with straightforward tools. Instantly post and find rooms. Make meaningful connections based on shared values, common interests, and compatible lifestyles. Roomi is there for you before, during and after the move, helping you feel at home as part of our dynamic, co-living community. By helping people live better together, Roomi is changing the world, one shared home at a time. We're changing how the $140B rental industry connects people - join us! Try out our beta: http://get.roomiapp.com/download

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Maven Ventures

Angelist Followers: 1139

Maven Ventures is an incubator and Micro VC fund focused exclusively on consumer internet and mobile startups with hyper-growth potential. Jim Scheinman is the founder and CEO of Maven; he has achieved 3 'Unicorn' ($1B+) exits/valuations over the past 20 years. Jim’s top successes as a founder/executive or investor include Bebo $850M sale to AOL, Tango $1B+ valuation and NBCi $6B IPO, plus other exits including the recent acquisition of Check by Intuit for $360M. In addition to Jim's expertise, Maven calls on over 20 growth mentors to host events and office hours for portfolio companies. Mentor operational experience includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bebo, YouTube, Yahoo, Zynga, LinkedIn, eBay, Paypal, Netflix, Quora & Airbnb. The Maven Ventures Growth Labs incubator program runs 6-9 months in Palo Alto. There is no batch system; it’s a rolling program. We also invest in Seed and Series A outside of the incubator. Apply through AngelList or a referral from our mentors or startups.

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Angelist Followers: 1124

SaaS drones marketplaces mobile

Angelist Followers: 1122

Sold to ShareThis in 2013 ================= Smartphones and tablets are the most powerful and intimate ways ever invented to connect businesses to their customers. Companies that engage users via these channels will win over those that don’t. Socialize's drop-in Social Marketing Platform gets businesses closer to their customers by dramatically boosting app installs, mobile engagement and user intelligence -- all keys to successfully monetizing in mobile.

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Angelist Followers: 1119

We're building a Beepin' great end-to-end experience for buying and selling pre-owned cars. We connect buyers and sellers, in an organized, efficient and safe environment. Sellers sign up their car to see the price we'll sell it for, and we take it from there. We conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection, take great photos and find you a buyer. Simply tell us when we can come inspect, and when we can come pick it up to deliver it to the buyer. We even take care of transferring the title, with none of the hassle of negotiations. To make sure buyers love their car, we offer a 10-day, no questions asked return policy. But sellers, don't worry. Once you've sold your car, it's sold. We take it back ourselves, and the money is yours to keep. And because we have no salespeople to pay or huge lots and showrooms to maintain, we guarantee that sellers get more and buyers pay less than at any dealer. That win/win combination is something we proudly call a "Beepin' miracle."

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Days by Wander

Angelist Followers: 1108

Days is a daily visual diary that makes lifesharing easy and addictive. Days users capture photos and animated GIFs in 24-hour narratives called "Days," that they can share with friends who follow them. An average days post has 10 photos or GIFs.

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Angelist Followers: 1064

Medlio is a SaaS-based marketing and communications system that helps providers of all sizes meet the dramatically transformed expectations of their new digitally-empowered customer base.  Fundamentally we help providers get found in highly targeted mobile and web-based searches. We then turn these searches into a point of engagement where consumers can schedule appointments, share records, message securely, check-in virtually, and make on the spot mobile payments.  Medlio enables better communications, better consumer experiences, better relationships. The app initially launched in January 2014. Medlio’s database includes 4.1 million healthcare provider profiles and over 35,000 healthcare consumers are using Medlio each month. 

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Angelist Followers: 1049

NXTP Labs has developed a program which provides entrepreneurs with seed funding, infrastructure, training, mentoring, and interactive marketing services. We invest value added capital by providing managerial support to access a network of service providers, customers and next stage investment capital resources. Early stage companies will typically receive $25,000 as initial investment to allow teams to focus on product development. At the end of the program our aim is to have companies 'investor-ready'. The fund will invest up to $1,000,000 in follow-on investments in subsequent rounds of high potential companies. Our investment thesis focuses on able and ambitious teams focused on Internet Specific/Digital Technology markets that aim to become regional, if not global, companies.

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Red Tricycle

Angelist Followers: 1038

Red Tricycle is launching the first marketplace connecting parents with awesome things to do. Armed with over 1 M users in 9 US cities, 6k vendors, and strong consumer trust, Red Tricycle is poised to disrupt a broken model and make it easier for parents to plan their weekends, as well as for vendors to sell out events. Just as Airbnb created a new market and enabled economic empowerment to apartment dwellers and homeowners, Red Tricycle is enabling millions of stay-at-home crafters, hikers, dancers and more to earn money doing what they love by hosting events for families through the Red Tricycle platform. CEO Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1QbDZDQmUU&noredirect=1

consumer internet marketplaces mobile parenting

Angelist Followers: 1036

August 2014 - DASH FOR IPHONE LAUNCH: http://goo.gl/TuYsgm June 2014 - Dash launches international, 175 countries. February 2014 - DASH FOR ANDROID LAUNCH: goo.gl/pSKgg0 Dash built a technology solution that turns any car into a “smart car". Low-cost hardware purchased from any manufacturer can be self-installed under the dashboard, paired via bluetooth/wifi to your smartphone, storing data in the cloud. Works on all cars after 1996. The proprietary Dash algorithm uses a variety of driver safety/efficiency metrics to generate the "Dash Score." Score can be improved based on driving behavior, as well as, shared/compared with friends. Higher scores may also pre-qualify drivers for special offers and discounts. Feature sets include additional safety, saving, and social elements, such as: crash detection and 911 alerts, check engine light diagnostics, time and location triggers, parts and labor estimator, MPG analytics and ways to reduce gas costs, trip tracking, and more.

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Angelist Followers: 1035

Find exclusive online offers for Galaxy S5, iPhone 5s, and the best selection of FREE phones from AT&T. Save on Internet and TV with U-verse bundles.


Angelist Followers: 1026

Famo.us is a free, open source JavaScript platform that enables engineers to build beautiful, cross-platform web apps. It is the only framework that provides an open source 3D layout engine fully integrated with a 3D physics-based animation engine that can render to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL. Famo.us provides extensive free training, examples, and tutorials through Famo.us University. This live coding environment allows students to see their code rendered in real time and work through topics at their own pace. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, Famo.us is led by Steve Newcomb, who is best known for founding Powerset, which was sold to Microsoft and is now part of Bing. Investors include many of the most prominent entrepreneurs and venture capital companies in Silicon Valley. signup @ http://www.famous.co jobs @ https://jobs.lever.co/famo.us?lever-source=angellist

SaaS mobile software web development

Angelist Followers: 1013


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Angelist Followers: 992

Reinventing the gym in the mobile and social age. "Uber/Lyft" for fitness. Check it out at www.fitmob.com or download the iOS app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitmob-app/id803632773?mt=8 !

bridging online and offline crowdsourcing fitness mobile

Angelist Followers: 985

Automatic connects your car to the rest of your digital life. The Automatic adapter plugs into just about any car to unlock the data hidden in your car’s onboard computer. The free mobile app pairs with the adapter via Bluetooth to diagnose engine problems, display trip logs and mileage, and even call for help in a crash. Automatic also works with dozens of 3rd party car apps featured in the Automatic App Gallery. Whether you expense your mileage for work, geek out over your car’s performance and driving stats, or want your car to connect to the rest of your digital life, there’s an app for you. We're a well-funded startup with about 50 employees. Learn more at www.automatic.com.

automotive big data mobile user experience design

Angelist Followers: 980

Science creates, scales and acquires successful digital businesses by bringing together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a centralized platform. We focus on three things: developing new businesses, providing emerging startups with operational strategy and capital, and transforming later-stage Internet ventures with new talent and innovations.

e-commerce marketplaces mobile social media

Angelist Followers: 959

Voxer is an instant voice communications system for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and desktop, and can be used anywhere an employee is connected with WiFi or wireless data service on their smartphone, tablet or computer. The app functions like a push-to-talk device and is one of the fastest growing voice applications in the world. Talk to anyone in the world with live voice, text, photos and location sharing from your smartphone or desktop. Everything is saved, so you never miss a message.

business productivity communications infrastructure mobile private social networking

Angelist Followers: 951

SMS from any computer or tablet, synced w/ your Android phone and #. "iMessage / iCloud for Android" Real-time sync of your phone's SMS, MMS, Calls, Photos, Videos, App Notifications, and Battery Status with any device via the cloud. Uses your current Android # & SMS inbox so text messages synced between the phone & computer/tablet. 6 Million installs 12 Billion msgs run-rate DAU / MAU: 55% 45,000 5-Star ratings Net Promoter Score 64% User Love: http://mightytext.net/love/ TechCrunch article, April 2013: http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/24/mightytext-the-imessage-for-android-targets-icloud-with-new-cross-device-photo-and-video-sync/

android mobile productivity software sms
Happy Inspector

Angelist Followers: 947

Happy Inspector helps our customers to replace their paper forms with mobile technology. We replace traditional pen and paper based inspection and audit checklist/forms and increase the efficiency of their business operations by up to 75%. In addition, the data we help them collect can be viewed, aggregated and analyzed intelligently using our technology. Our customers include the top names in Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Multifamily, Student Housing, Vacation Rentals, Fitness, Hospitality, Government and Home Services. We are a SaaS business and charge our customers a monthly subscription to access our technology. www.happyinspector.com

SaaS enterprise software mobile tablets

Angelist Followers: 945

Vungle has invented a new ad format for mobile app developers to acquire users, making traditional text & banner ads a thing of the past.

advertising advertising platforms mobile mobile advertising

Angelist Followers: 933

Learn more at http://www.zuli.io Zuli is creating a brand new experience for the home, where your lights and appliances adjust to your presence, identity, and preferences. Walk into a room, and your home will dim on your lights, warm up the space heater, or any other action you choose to customize. With Zuli, your home will also know when a room is unoccupied, and shut off unused devices to save you energy. Zuli's first product is a Bluetooth 4.0 smartplug that enables users to easily control appliances, dim lights, set schedules, and monitor power consumption directly from your smartphone. Zuli's Bluetooth LE mesh network works like an indoor GPS that can locate what room you are in at any given time and adjust lights and appliances to each person's customized settings. Zuli has announced partnerships with Nest and Logitech, enabling the Zuli App and Presence to integrate with these partner products.

consumer electronics energy efficiency internet of things mobile
The Brandery

Angelist Followers: 924

The Brandery is a seed stage startup accelerator that leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region, namely branding, marketing and design. We believe that building your brand-- and not just a product-- is a way startups can be more resource efficient and increase their probability of success. In addition to an elite mentor list, startups will be paired with world-class creative agencies and have access to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Procter & Gamble, dunnhumby, and Kroger. The Brandery runs one, four-month accelerator program a year for 10-12 companies. We receive a 6% equity stake in each startup in exchange for $50k, a year of free office space, and over $200k in additional benefits.

brand marketing digital media mobile

Angelist Followers: 895

We have created web and mobile tools which enable both companies and consumers to benefit from mobile transaction technologies (QR codes, beacon, and more). These benefits include mobile commerce, social media, lead generation, analytics, networking, and more. (ex. "Scan to Follow", "Scan to Like", "Scan to Buy") We launched Jan 2011. 3 months later we passed 1 million installs on iOS. That growth continued to increase as we passed 10 million at our year mark and 18 million after 1.5 years. 70 Million installs as of Summer 2014.

ibeacon mobile mobile commerce social media
P. Relan YouWeb Incubator

Angelist Followers: 843

YouWeb Incubator's 9plus program offers hands-on mentoring in startup fundamentals across all areas of company development: Product design and development, strategy, recruiting, distribution, marketing, sales, business development, financing, and M&A negotiations. 9Plus is the latest incubation program under the YouWeb Incubator umbrella.  Watch Peter Relan's interview about 9plus on Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/studio-9-a-new-kind-of-incubator-DAOeZstUSpaQjlW6jw2WwA.html Jason Citron and OpenFeint, which was acquired by Gree: https://www.youtube.com/embed/dDGKNMEgiMM Jeff Tseng and CrowdStar’s transition from Facebook to mobile: https://www.youtube.com/embed/eX7X61bm-8w Ben Savage and Spaceport’s strategic fund raise: https://www.youtube.com/embed/LyiM5mV4ixs

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We're building the best place in the world for people to make money doing what they love. We're a two sided marketplace for local services that is fixing what is broken in one of the largest (and most difficult) markets in the world. We hope to redefine what high quality service means and helps millions of people make money doing what they love. We've built tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them grow their customer base and provide better ways to engage with their existing customers. We've also built an experience for consumers that we think is on the path to being the best way to discover, hire, and continue working with the service providers who make their life richer. To see where we currently are on this journey check out https://www.zaarly.com/kansas-city

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#1 on HackerNews; used by Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn & Zynga; 1.5M app sketches uploaded since Nov 2012; POP transforms sketches into click-through prototypes in minutes. 1 Sketch your idea & take pictures 2 Add hotspots & link pictures together 3 Simulate & test it on iPhone 4 Share & get feedback "If you can draw, you can make apps" We don't satisfy with prototypes, we want anyone with an idea can turn it to real apps with just pen and paper! http://popapp.in

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Directly builds on-demand business apps. Fast-growing companies like Pinterest, Lyft and Republic Wireless use our customer service apps to scale support and improve customer experience. The apps integrate with help desk software like Zendesk, Desk and Salesforce, intelligently route tickets to expert users on their smartphones, and reward them for quick resolution. Time to deploy is 4-6 hours, and our customers see higher customer satisfaction rates, 50 times faster response time and 2 times the savings within days. We believe that the way people work is changing and moving to on-demand models, and we're starting with customer service.

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Hello is an always-on, real-time location system. It records snapshots of your day and shares them with friends building the digital diary of your life. We’ve developed new algorithms for extremely detailed location information - like understanding which company in a large building you’re visiting and who you’re meeting there. We started experimenting with automatic location sharing in 2012 and noticed users were highly interested in where they had been and where their friends were going. They are regularly checking on friends and family and once they have access to the data, engagement is extremely high – they’re hooked. Due to privacy concerns no one has built a comprehensive system to find, track, sort and navigate to people in the same way as places. We've developed a discovery social experience where users share highly accurate locations in fun, useful ways while maintaining privacy. Demo Video: https://vimeo.com/74073664

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Pre-Order your Navdy now at a $200 discount at: https://www.navdy.com Fumbling around with your phone while driving is at best a bad experience. Navdy is a Head-Up Display (HUD) for your car that let's you use all the apps you love while keeping your eyes on the road. You can think of it as Google Glass for your car but without the Glasses. Navdy works in the car you already have, simply place it on your dash and connect wirelessly to your smartphone.

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We help small-medium sized restaurants and hotel chains streamline their hiring. Employers post their jobs on Proven, we distribute them to multiple job boards, and we help employers with the hiring process.

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Apptimize is the high performance, reliable way to AB test your native Android and iOS applications. Test anything you can imagine, from complex user flows to checkout funnels to logins. Our results page shows you realtime data on what your users are doing and our dashboard lets you adjust how many users experience each variation live. Users also use our library for feature validation and phased rollouts of new features.

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PandaWhale is a consumer Internet service for consuming, saving, and organizing great content found on Twitter, Facebook, and the Web.

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We love Hardware. Highway1 (http://highway1.io) is part of PCH (http://www.pchintl.com/), a global supply chain company. Our 4 month program supplies you with: • A dedicated staff of experienced engineers ­ • An inside view into the supply chain infrastructure in Southern China • An education in manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution as well as project and business management, finance, and strategy • Office & shop space for mechanical & electrical prototyping • Mentorship and guidance from across the tech sector • Seed Funding of $50,000 in return for 4-7% equity We're looking for small teams that want to build hardware companies for the long term. If this describes you, let us know.

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Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile & the web. We help our customers track product usage, measure conversion rates, and analyze user retention. Our products are powerful, beautiful, and easy to use. To learn more, check out http://mixpanel.com/learn

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Prompt.ly is the only mobile-first, scheduling, promotion and payment platform for Soloprenuers, who in the US alone account for over 1 trillion dollars of economic activity each year. Solopreneurs (including chiropractors, tutors, psychologists, photographers, personal trainers, tattoo artists and landscapers to name a few) use our platform to improve scheduling, promotion & collect payments. Prompt.ly allows Soloprenuers to instantly market available time to existing clients & their friends via social promotion — while clients reduce the pain of scheduling and gain access to discounts for recommending their Soloprenuers. The platform is mobile-first like the soloprenuers themselves, integrating the key features they need to run their business entirely on-the-go. Prompt.ly finally brings modern technology to the Invisible Economy.

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Late Stage Pre-IPO by Flight.vc

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We have banded together to pool our future pro-rata rights into a single fund. We sit on boards or have other ways to often get access to a $500k or $1mm allocation during later stage rounds, but can't afford to take all of them

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Breather is a rapidly growing startup focused on the unlocking of private space with smartphones. Our product is a network of rooms you can unlock with your phone at any time. It is live and successful in two markets, with spaces being used for phone calls, meetings, work with strong wifi requirements, as pop-up shops, etc. For our users, Breather replaces or augments their office. Active users use our network up to 3x per week at a cost of 15-25$ per hour, occasionally up to 100$+ per week. Our mission is to be able to unlock hundreds of thousands, or millions, of doors across the world, on-demand. Highly valuable for travelers or other people in transit, the Breather network is also used by locals as an "in between space" while they are away for home or work.

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Onyx is the first wearable of its kind, putting the power of group communication at your fingertips in a small, stylish device. Collaborate beautifully anywhere you have a data connection - across the street or around the world. For discrete conversations, Onyx works with your headphones and mic. Onyx delivers instant group communication anywhere. Create, manage and communicate with groups, with no geographical limits. See the position of everyone in your groups and their status. Access advanced group management features on Android or iOS. Onyx pairs with the Orion app on your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, which connects to our a platform. Messages are delivered through our servers in realtime regardless of the carrier you're using, allowing you to keep in touch anywhere you have cellular data or access to wi-fi.

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Plum - The Light Switch Reinvented

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Plum is the "Nest of lighting". Our Wi-Fi enabled Lightpad is the first product of its kind. Competitively priced and easy to install, it provides the convenience of controlling your lights from your smart phone from anywhere in the world. The Plum LightPad connects directly to your home WiFi network without the need for additional bridges or gateways. The initial setup of the dimmer is as easy as sending or receiving a text message. You simply launch your Plum app and answer two questions to provision the dimmer. What room is the Lightpad located and what would you like to name it? The Plum LightPad features an intuitive, multi-touch, touch pad interface. Simply tap on or off. Swipe up or down with one finger to change the intensity of the light. Multiple dimmers communicate with each other directly over WiFi. Use 2 fingers to control multiple lights. When you go to bed or are leaving the house, the pinch gesture on any Plum LightPad will turn off all the lights in the house.

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The Shipster App is simple, intuitive and user-friendly, allowing businesses or consumers to simply submit a picture of any item for on-demand pickup and delivery anywhere in the world

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AllTrails is the leading digital network focused exclusively on the outdoors and is redefining the way millions of enthusiasts discover, plan, and experience it. Success • #1 Outdoors App on iPhone • #1 Outdoors App on Android • #1 Ski Tracking App on iPhone Traction • 2,800,000 mobile installs • 1,500,000 registered users • 20,000+ premium subscribers Distribution • Exclusive partnership with National Geographic • Retail product at 200+ retailers including REI, L.L. Bean, & Bass Pro Shops • 3.5 million daily impressions through Samsung Here & Now

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The purpose of BoomStartup is to help great tech ideas find an optimal business model, create a minimal viable product that is revenue-ready, execute into revenue generation, and then make connections to customers and investors.

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SilverPush is leading the convergence of TV & digital by creating a map of TV and digital audience. With this understanding, we provide our clients with TV ad analytics & also allow them to target of TV ad viewers with ads on mobile.

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Density measures foot traffic to and from local merchants. We use this data to predict a venue's future "busyness." Patrons get to see (in real-time) how busy their favorite coffee shop, gym, or restaurant is. Density will even notify you when the line gets quiet or a particular bar livens up. The system improves customer experience and drives traffic to merchants during quiet periods -- a benefit to both vendor and buyer. Merchants get the resulting analytics. All foot-traffic is anonymous. fp › You now know to include your favorite type of pie (or cake) in the notes section of your application.

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GoSpotCheck helps mid to large organizations streamline their data collection processes. We enable their field based team members to capture information via our smartphone application and share it via a web-based dashboard in real time. Customers use our mobile data collection app to capture data like store visit reports, safety audits, market intelligence surveys, and product quality checks. The flexible form building, instant deployment to team members & locations, and structured data reporting allows for a wide range of uses. As more organizations embrace mobile as a key productivity tool, our software gives teams the tools they need to better capture and share data.

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Kindara is creating a new healthcare system for women, delivered through the mobile phone. The future of healthcare is personalized, predictive and participatory. Help us create it. Kindara Fertility is the leading women's reproductive health tracker for iOS - used by hundreds of thousands of women to understand fertility challenges, get pregnant or avoid pregnancy naturally. Kindara Fertility is routinely ranked in the top 20 apps in the Medical category in the App Store, and has helped more than 500,000 women understand their fertility and feel powerful around their bodies and health. In 2014 we released Wink - the first of 5 connected devices that will pair with our app to give women a beautiful integrated experience in managing their reproductive health. We are currently on a $700k ARR with Wink pre-orders alone. Kindara makes money by selling devices and premium subscriptions and through generating leads to products and services. Contact Will for investment info.

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Partender is a business tool (currently featured on SpikeTV's "Bar Rescue" every Sunday at 9/8c) that reduces the time it takes owners & managers to do bar inventory from a frustrating 6-24 hours to 15 minutes. We do this by digitizing the crazy, archaic paper-pen-clipboard process into a few taps and swipes on iOS. As a result, you can inventory as often as every day/shift to control your bar, catch and eliminate the industry-average 23% shrinkage (inventory loss due to over-pouring, theft, wastage, etc), and put that money right back in your pocket. On average, our 99.2%-accurate system adds $10,000/mo, and improves bottom lines by whole percentages. After every inventory, Partender instantly emails you your Purchase Orders in MS Excel, which you can forward to your reps and be done with inventory AND ordering in 15 mins. Cloud-based data analytics online show you what's selling the best/worst, what your dead stock is, and what you're low on, so you never run dry and miss a sale.

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SnowShoe Stamp

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SnowShoe Stamps are small pieces of plastic with secret digital identities. Our stamps allow mobile game developers to sell toys that link to in-game content (Skylanders for mobile). At the same time, our stamps have been used as a physical factor of authentication for secure user log-ins and to authenticate purchases in brick-and-mortar retailers. SnowShoe Stamps have no batteries, no power, no circuitry, no antenna, and no moving parts. They cost just cents to manufacture, and they work with all multi-touch mobile devices. Our API and SDKs can be integrated into a project in mere minutes, giving any developer the ability to bring magical digital:physical experiences to their mobile application.

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GateGuru exists because in today's world, the day-of travel is a miserable experience. Airlines, airports and the TSA all seem to do nothing but add stress and anxiety to our travels. In November 2012, we released GateGuru 3.0. This is a completely reimagined user experience that will truly reinvent the 3rd leg of the travel process, the day-of travel experience.

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Hailo is the evolution of the hail - a free smartphone app which puts people just two taps away from a licensed vehicle, and lets drivers get more passengers when they want them. A Hailo hail is accepted around the world every two seconds from Hailo’s global network of over 50,000 drivers and more than a million passengers. Launched in November 2011, Hailo is available in London, New York, all across Ireland, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, Washington DC, Montreal and Osaka. Hailo has carried over ten million passengers and grown to annualized sales of well over $100M. Founded by three taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs, Hailo has raised over $100M from the best investors anywhere, including Union Square Ventures, Accel Partners, Wellington Partners, Atomico Ventures and Sir Richard Branson. Hailo is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Simply search for "Hailo".

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Status helps you spend more time with friends. It instantly shows you which friends are free, nearby, and allows for easy plan making. We do this using ambient sensor technology, to provide rich context on what your contacts are doing. It’s designed to be used with folks you interact with regularly, such as your coworkers, best friends or partner, and reduces the need for frequent messaging to find out their status. We were #1 on Product Hunt when we launched on Dec 2: http://www.producthunt.com/posts/status The underlying technology has scope to be used in both the consumer and enterprise markets.

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Apptopia provides services in: app analytics, data mining and business intelligence for the mobile industry. Through its main platform called Insights, it uses Big data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for mobile apps. The company was launched in 2012 and by May of 2014 has already reached $5m in annual run rate. Our mission to provide transparency through data, we work with: developers, app publishers, agencies, content platforms, media companies, brands, cellular networks, investors and financial firms. Apptopia’s product suite consists of three main products: Insights, Marketplace and Analytics. Insights: Accurate download, revenue and usage estimates for any/all apps in over 150 countries. Analytics: allows publishers and developers to track, benchmark, and optimize the performance of their apps. Marketplace: Where apps get acquired, developers have already earned multiple millions of dollars selling their apps on Apptopia.

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Republic Project

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Unlike traditional rich media vendors, Republic Project offers a cloud-based ad platform, making it easy to scale campaigns, helping you meet demand, change creative, and optimize performance in real-time. Republic Project lets brands, studios and agencies distribute content across multiple sites and devices with simplicity, speed, and cost efficiency. Built for brands/agencies/studios to reach the new social/mobile audience without the complexities and cost of traditional media solutions. Click here to view our sizzle reel https://www.facebook.com/RepublicProject/posts/573513929368076

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Amplitude does mobile analytics to help app developers optimize their in-app purchasing, engagement, and retention. Mobile app usage is growing at a rapid pace but the options for analytics aren’t adequate to meet mobile developer needs. Amplitude works out of the box with minimal setup while having all the advanced features that used to be reserved for enterprise products. With Amplitude, developers can look at their funnels, retention, and revenues, as well as powerfully segment everything. All data is updated in real-time the second it comes in. Amplitude scales up to hundreds of millions of events while also allowing you to drill down to the level of the individual user. Amplitude supports integration at any level, including access to the raw data for custom querying written in SQL. We're 100% focused on building the analytics we always wanted for mobile apps.

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Search makes the Internet work. Google’s most valuable product (Web search) drives the majority of their revenue. Today each percentage of Web query volume is worth between $500M (1% of bing @ 30% market share) and $5B (1% Google @ 60% market share). Naturally the market is evolving. This flavor of search technology can’t be everything to everyone, and often doesn’t suit other Web apps, services, deep sites, stores and enterprise. Mobile apps in particular, are looking for ways to have a search experience similar to what exists on the Web but that access their stores directly. We built Swiftype to provide search as a service — for websites and mobile applications. We offer a free plan for a basic customizable search engine, and scale up to Enterprise accounts. Revenue comes from a monthly service plan. A Professional Account costs ~$600/month. Our business model is pretty similar to other business-critical SaaS models like Dropbox or Salesforce.

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Eniac Ventures

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Eniac Ventures is the first independent seed stage venture firm investing exclusively in mobile technologies. Eniac Ventures was founded in 2009 on the belief that the greatest technological catalyst of our time is the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices providing constant connectivity to the majority of the world population. Eniac Ventures is named after the world’s first computer developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering, where the four general partners met in 1996. We are serial entrepreneurs and operators with over 60 years of combined experience in the mobile software space. We have advised and invested in 150+ mobile software startups.

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Whether you want the simplest, most robust tools to turn your media social, or to find the right audience for your advertising message, ShareThis puts sharing to work for you. Use the most innovative social media and sharing platform for the Web, ShareThis.

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Heyzap is redesigning mobile advertising from the ground up aiming to bring automation and transparency to the mobile ad ecosystem.  Heyzap currently has two main publisher products: Heyzap Ads and Heyzap Mediation. We also app makers to acquire users using advanced targeting (e.g. app targeting) and track ROI. Heyzap is open to all mobile apps on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. Heyzap Mediation gives thousands of developers the power to dynamically test mobile ad networks against each other, and automatically deploys different networks to maximize revenue. With our Mediation Insights tool, app developers benefit from true performance metrics that enable them to make country and network-specific decisions at a single glance. Heyzap Ads blend delightful user experience with powerful machine learning algorithms. Beautiful ad formats (video and full screen interstitial) automatically A/B tested, smart pre-caching, and advanced targeting maximize your conversation and ROI.

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Kicksend is a technology company that builds beautiful, delightful mobile apps that help smartphone users do more with the photos they take. Our customers are the hundreds of millions of new smartphone photographers. Our apps have been featured on "The Today Show", "Good Morning America", Lifehacker, The Washington Post, and promoted by Apple and Google as best in class. Our first product is Kicksend (over 1M installs, over 25K new paying users each month), a mobile app that helps people share & print photos with their loved ones. Our customers can share lots of full-resolution photos (more than the usual OS limit of 5) to any email or mobile number. They can also print photos from their phone to over 20,000 retail locations (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target and Duane Reade) and pick them up in 1 hr, or order prints for delivery to any doorstep in over 11 countries. We have two other products in the works: - Perfect smartphone photobooks (Q3 '14) - A secret digital photo product

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Karma was founded in 2011 to revolutionize the way our friends, family, and colleagues give to one another. We envision a world in which products and services are gifted from person-to-person via mobile devices in real-time, and we are building the platform to make that a reality.

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Boomtrain is a personalized notification platform that leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to drive increased clicks, engagement and revenue through customer communications. Our technology surfaces the content that’s most likely to engage any individual and delivers it via email, push notifications, or the web. All automated, all in real-time.

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Burner is your "other" number – a smart privacy layer for the smartphone era, giving users the power to take control of their communications and personal data.  Enabling users to obtain and manage additional phone numbers for voice, SMS, and MMS communications, Burner is fast, safe and private. Burner lets users get as many numbers as they want, use each as a private line on an iPhone or Android phone, and keep numbers indefinitely or 'burn' numbers they no longer need. We received worldwide attention on our launch and were named a top app of 2013 by TIME magazine, in addition to coverage by WIRED, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, NPR, and many other media outlets. Burner is made by Ad Hoc Labs, In., a fast-growing startup based in Los Angeles, California. Our team is passionate about the idea that real-time communications should be more socially aware and privacy oriented, and we believe Burner is just the beginning. 

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Tello, creators of PassTools

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PassTools is the easiest way for businesses to build and manage passes for Apple® Passbook®. Businesses of all sizes – from independent store owners looking to create a simple coupon, to established airlines looking for an industrial strength electronic boarding pass for Passbook – can build passes in minutes. PassTools provides everything businesses need to support Apple Passbook today. PassTools is built by Tello, Inc., founded in 2010 in Palo Alto, California.

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Today, the average email user receives 50 emails per day and reads half of them on mobile -- but what fraction can they actually process on their phone? The small screen and pain of switching apps drives people to save tasks for later when they are back at their desk. Osito Assist re-imagines how you get stuff done, identifies the tasks you need to complete, pulls in the critical information, and provides one touch buttons so you can complete the next step immediately on your phone. We save users on average 3-5 minutes every day. In the first version of Osito Assist, we've built an assistant that delivers one-touch scheduling, from your phone, for free. Removing these time consuming emails from your inbox. How do we do this? Osito Assist combines search, intelligent extraction and server-side processing with your existing calendar and email.

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Moment is making the best tools in the world for mobile photography. At Moment we believe the future of photography is in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you - and that camera is your phone. Our mission is to make your phone work more like a camera so you can capture more, better moments. Moment currently has three products in the market that individually stand alone, but when put together unlock experiences previously unattainable in mobile photography. 1. Moment Case - now on Kickstarter, this is the best case in the world for mobile. photography. http://goo.gl/LvEq77 2. Moment App - an iOS app that makes it easier to take capture better pictures with your phone. Version one is in the app store now and version two is coming soon. http://appstore.com/momentapp 3. Moment Lenses - the best mobile photography lenses in the world. Available or purchase on the Moment website. http://momentlens.co/

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Gyft is a digital gift card platform that enables you to manage your gift cards. Users can upload, send and redeem gift cards from their phones. Gyft is seamlessly integrated with Facebook to make sending gift cards convenient and fun! For retailers, Gyft creates a meaningful new revenue channel and can help drive redemption. By using Gyft’s solution, merchants can drive customer acquisition, increase shopper interaction and drive social engagement.

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Quest Venture Partners

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We invest in early stage companies with great ideas, and even greater people behind them. We typically are the first institutional money in, investing between $300k-$1.5mm, with our sweet spot being around $750k. We are a micro vc firm that leads and syndicate deals, as well as will consider taking board seats and observer roles. As of May 2015, we've invested in 57 startups, 45 in fund 1, 18 from fund 2.

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URX is building the world's first App Search API, which lets developers find and link users directly to relevant content inside other apps to create a seamless experience across multiple apps.

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Factual is a data company that helps make sense of what’s happening in the physical world, enabling developers, publishers, and advertisers to build more relevant and personalized mobile experiences using the context of location. Factual’s real-time data stack builds and maintains data on a global scale, with Factual's core Global Places data covering over 65 million local businesses and points of interest in 50 countries. Factual’s Geopulse products, built on top of its Global Places data, provide industry leading real-time location targeting and location-based audience capabilities. Factual's Global Places data is used by thousands of developers, including some of the largest names in local search such as Yelp and Bing. Geopulse Audience and Proximity are used by many of the leading mobile ad companies, including MoPub, Smaato, Turn, Adelphic, StrikeAd, and WPP, to deliver more relevant advertising using the context of location.

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Together, the WakeMate wristband and mobile app help you wake up feeling refreshed and show you how to improve your sleep quality and efficiency.

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Thanx makes customer loyalty effortless for both merchants and consumers. Merchants analyze purchasing activity without additional hardware or point-of-sale integration, allowing them to quickly launch retention marketing customized for their business. Consumers pay as usual and automatically receive personalized rewards on their phones, which eliminates the hassle of check-ins, loyalty cards, and added steps at checkout. Thanx merchants report 30-50% increases in transaction size and in-store visits, and drastically improved customer satisfaction.

CRM loyalty programs mobile offline businesses

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Fileboard helps manage and optimize communication and delivery of sales collateral— 1. Teams using Fileboard save several hours a week 2. Incredible insights into what collateral is giving the best results. 3. VP of Sales get real performance data on his teams activity and does not have to rely on out of date CRM data. Fileboard lets them: 1. Start sales live presentations with just a url 2. Notification and follow up 3. Reports & Analytics team on performance 4. Automated CRM logs

CRM SaaS mobile sales automation

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Crittercism, based in San Francisco, California, is the company behind the world’s first mobile application performance management (mAPM) solution. The company’s flagship product, Fathom Mobile Command, monitors every aspect of mobile app performance, allowing Developers, IT Operations and Product Managers to deliver high performing, highly reliable, highly resourceful mobile apps. Crittercism provides a real-time global view of app diagnostics across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Hybrid and HTML5 apps and is used on more than 500 million unique devices and in more than 100 billion app sessions. The company’s investors include Google Ventures, Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures. Learn more @crittercism and www.crittercism.com.

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Using your smartphone’s built-in sensors, Sunshine helps communities share immediate updates on weather conditions with peers nearby

big data internet of things mobile sensors

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Bloodhound provides a lightweight, mobile solution for everyone who's out meeting potential customers. With the free app, any iPhone or Android becomes a badge, barcode and business card scanner for instant lead capture, qualification, and follow up. Whatever your workflow, Bloodhound can help get the right information to the right place to take the next step, whether that's another person for follow-up, a marketing automation system, or another CRM. Sales begin with Bloodhound.

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Potential UK

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We invest very early in incredible UK teams with traction and worldwide potential, and we help take the company through to series A.

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Selligy is a mobile service (smartphone app & powerful back-end system) for salespeople and the enterprises where they work. Selligy ties all the information a salesperson to make them more productive at selling, and their sales managers at the company more productive at sales management. Selligy’s service rides on top of, and is compatible with/complementary to, the customer’s existing CRM system. The company does three main things in a disruptive, innovative way: preparing for sales meetings, reporting data back from the meeting and providing management reports of sales activities.

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"FOBO Launches In San Francisco To Become The Fastest, Easiest Way To Sell Your Consumer Electronics" - TechCrunch

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Onswipe is technology platform powering user experience and monetization for a mobile world. Our mobile first publishing platform increases pageviews 300%, time on site 100%, and revenue 50%.

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appbackr is organizing the world's applications to be the most comprehensive way of comparing, identifying and exploring apps. The App Index™ will be an online home for consumers to find apps through our data-driven discovery process, share their favorite apps, and easily share recommended apps with friends. That underlying data, the App Index API, enables creators and marketers in the app space to view and track all the information you would find on an App Index appcard, performance through Google Play store snapshots and trends, and user sentiment information. For 2 years, this data has been provided to companies from Intel, to Samsung, to Amazon, to Firefox OS, who use appbackr appscore, a 0-10 rating of app quality, to determine which apps to source and feature.  This data, along with a massive version 2 effort dubbed The App Anatomy Project, is being rolled out to consumers at index.appbackr.com/api

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Roobiq is a mobile sales platform that combines calendar, location, email, and CRM data to help manage a sales process. The app acts as a sales rep's personal assistant and is backed by a cloud platform that connects multiple data sources to automatically surface information and remind you of tasks due. The aim is to automate as much as possible and use data-science to reduce admin burdens. When reps do need to perform manual updates, they can do so easily through a customizable workflow engine that allows for updates with simple gestures.

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http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/20/slidemail-is-an-intelligent-email-app-for-the-rest-of-us/ SlideMail (YC W15) makes doing email as easy as pressing a button. If someone emails you, "Are you free to meet up next week at 4pm?" SlideMail understands this and all you have to do is press "Yes" or "No". We do this for a lot of other things too. One touch to check into your flight, one touch to find traffic data from an address, one touch to turn todos into Trello tasks, one touch to close Github issues.

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Appboy is the leading platform for mobile relationship management. The company enables the world's brightest companies to manage the lifecycle of their users through a suite of marketing automation products and a dedicated Success Squad. In addition to user segmentation and location targeting, Appboy offers multi-channel messaging (push notifications, in-app messages, email), an in-app news feed and in-app customer support. Clients like Text+, Urban Outfitters, GSN, and PopSci use Appboy to increase engagement, reduce churn and build their mobile ROI. Appboy is based in New York and has raised $7.6MM in venture funding.

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Boxer helps people get work done. Driven by the belief that mobile technology will fundamentally change the way we work and communicate, Boxer is building the next generation mobile inbox. With an emphasis on design, speed, and frictionless execution, Boxer is enabling the modern workforce to get things done even when they are away from their desks. Whether you let your inbox burst at the seams or diligently file things away, you'll love how Boxer helps you stay on top of email and all of your communication streams while you’re on the go.

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Boombotix is the leader in ultraportable audio technology. The Company started in 2009 with a vision to create an alternative to headphones. Since then, Boombotix has built out a full line of bundled hardware and software to drive the future of the music listening experience. Their product line incorporates wearable technologies and mobile audio software. Walden Venture Capital and David Dolby currently back the Company.

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People all over the world use Clipstar to make videos - Vlogging, Singing, Performing, Beauty, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, Pranks, Short films, Babies, Animals, Traveling, Inspiration, Life, School, Educational, Sports and much more - Subscribe to amazing creators it’s a new way to experience the world 3 minutes at a time. A good video gets re-shared by the Clipstar community and your video goes viral - via the popular page - you video gets millions of views. A video camera that's always with you, record multiple clips, cut those un-wanted scenes from your video and share when ready. Easily share to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. get it here for free: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clipstar/id878537150?mt=8

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Get away from your inbox. We find your urgent emails. AwayFind monitors your Gmail or Exchange inbox, routing urgent messages automatically to SMS or your iPhone/Android. The typical knowledge worker loses 1/3 of their day to email interruptions. We help over 15,000 people to escape their inbox every day.

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Appsfire is a native ad network and distribution platform for mobile apps leveraging unique mobile native ads designed to strike attention and create unmatched experiences for consumers, improving the way people discover apps on their mobile devices. We have built a proprietary network of premium publishers running our non incentivized app store compliant formats. Appsfire’s business operates both on iOS and the Android platform. We help developers accelerate their user acquisition cycle with a unique set of non incentivized advertising units exposed to millions of users all over the world. Appsfire also helps keeping the users of an app engaged with the Appsfire SDK: we provide free notification, free feedback, free store metrics and real time dashboard. Appsfire has been elected best French Startup 2013(NextWeb), Rising Star GP Bullhound 2014, EBG top 25 2014. More on Appsfire.com

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"We're fixing mobile advertising." We are entering an era where using contextual data from a consumer’s device can create an ad that is as good as the content it lives beside. Still, most mobile advertising fails miserably at this. As an adtech company our job isn’t simply to sell more ads. Our job is to create great products that enable ALL advertisers reach and delight consumers. Every day, the Decisive team works really hard to do two things: 1. Show people ads that they want to see. 2. Give advertisers confidence that their campaign dollars are being spent most effectively. Our first product is a mobile ad decisioning platform is leveraging RTB, proprietary data, and real time optimization to help advertisers reach the right consumers with the right messages on mobile devices.

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How many times have you clicked on a mobile ad? Yes, that's a problem. The first generation of mobile advertising players have simply taken desktop web browser ad formats and adapted them to Mobile. Consequently, advertisers are allocating a mere 1% of their budgets to Mobile. BeThere is redefining mobile advertising by developing a set of ground-breaking, immersive, mobile-first ad formats. BeThere's initial ad trial generated a lift in CTR of 140%.

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Keepskor has developed a platform that enables both consumers and brands to quickly and easily create individualized casual games that consumers can share with friends on social networks. Brand-generated games then become the basis for highly interactive native advertising that connects consumers emotionally with the brands. Using Keepskor, users and brand can build casual games in under 5 taps, using data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Foursquare to create games that put the social back into social gaming by customizing the experience for every user. Examples of games included on the platform are: Who said it: Q&A around status updates Who shot it: Quiz around instagram and facebook pictures Where at: A scavenger hunt around foursquare data PalQuiz: How well do you know your friends? Play

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RAIN is an app that helps small businesses effectively reach local customers by making mobile, local marketing easy and affordable. Mobile marketing is the future, yet most small businesses don’t have the time, expertise or capital to manage mobile marketing campaigns. In a few quick steps, businesses can promote themselves using RAIN on all the most popular mobile apps and websites - including everything from Facebook to CNN. With an existing network of over 200,000 small businesses, RAIN has a proven distribution channel in place that sets it apart from its competitors. Interesting team fact: RAIN’s team is comprised of fun-loving people with a passion for all things in life, from tech to the great outdoors. At any time of day or night, at least one RAIN team member is likely up and at ‘em. Basically, we’re 24/7.

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We believe that you can’t solve 21st century problems with 20th century solutions. As companies look toward the future, they are being held back by legacy models born in the first industrial revolution. The big consulting firms that most companies turn to are too slow, too expensive, and too wedded to outdated ways of working. We think that there’s a better way. Our mission is to help every influential company and organization on the planet become a responsive organization, able to do more and change faster in the face of overwhelming complexity. We believe that when whole industries begin to compete in this new way, we will be one step closer to a world that gets better, for everyone, every day.

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Xplode is the first native mobile discovery and recommendation engine used by over 500 leading mobile game and app developers: http://xplodesdk.com. Appoday is the leading daily deals platform for mobile games with over 1M daily subscribers: http://www.appoday.com

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The Fetch

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The Fetch helps professionals discover and share what's on in their city, via curated local event listings. Our email-first beta product, which focuses on creative and tech industry verticals, launched in New York in June 2013. We're now in 10 cities across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US. Curators from the community filter links (sourced via APIs and user-submissions) to deliver high quality, relevant events, articles and cool jobs to tens of thousands of subscribers. These email digests have become much-loved and we often get comments from readers saying they have unsubscribed from everything but The Fetch. Event organizers and employers have been paying to use The Fetch from day one to reach a talent-rich cross-industry userbase.

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Wit.ai is an API that makes it very easy for developers to create applications or devices that you can talk to. Any app, or any device, like a smart watch, Google Glass, Nest, even a car, can stream audio to the Wit API, and get actionable data in return. We turn speech into actions. Think Twilio for Natural Language, with Stripe-level developer friendliness.

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Squee (www.squee.it) is all about hand-picking best taste and style. It is not just a gallery of beautiful pictures. It is a store, micro blogging platform, magazine, and your place of amazing things. Squee is a place to share and discover great taste, to create a collection of things that will define you as a person and define your style. Create yourself through taste and style. We have taste, we know awesome design when we see it, and we want to share this with you.

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zPark Venture

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Our investment interests include areas of mobile, game, internet, security, big data and healthcare IT etc.

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Shaka wind meter is the first cloud-connected wind meter out there. It's a small sensor device which plugs into your smartphone and is as accurate as other portable devices out there. Smartphone platform allows real-time wind information sharing between wind addicts (kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, skydivers etc). Useful for golfers and even for farmers. In the long term we are building a smartphone-based sensor platform that can and will be used for many different purposes.

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All the functionality you need, no clunky PBX, set up in minutes, and all-inclusive pricing.

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Frictionless mobile engagement. No Internet,Cell network or App required. WiCastr is introducing an entirely new way for brands and businesses to interact with consumers on their smart devices without having to rely on the Internet, a cell network or any apps. WiCastr is a patented cloud-managed small wireless device that creates hyper-local broadcasting & commercial opportunity. It broadcasts digital content to any Wifi enabled device in proximity without relying on an active Internet connection, data plan or app, offering new commercial opportunity that merge online and offline, allowing brands to target consumers direct through their devices. Presently focusing on transport and retail industry, working with companies such as: Unilever, Home Depot, L'Oreal, Flybe airlines, Virgin Trains to name a few.

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Replica Labs

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Replica is helping computers see our world. We're focused on computer vision for the sake of robotics, virtual reality, and being able to bridge the real world with the digital one we all live in. With Rendor, we're putting a 3D scanner in your pocket. It's our first product and is the first step towards this reality. Around 2 billion smartphones in use today have a single lens camera and that's where we're starting. We can apply the Rendor engine to single lens cameras, RGB-D, stereoscopic cameras, and anything in between. The hardest to do is monocular, but since it's the most common, it's where we decided to start. We're giving all smartphones access to this technology by using cloud computing paired with native applications. Currently in beta testing with both iOS and Android, we're constantly testing and iterating on what we've made so far while working with partners to put this technology into niche uses.

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Cape Productions

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Cape Productions uses drone, cloud and mobile technology to give extreme sports athletes professional-grade videos.

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FullCourt provides simple and powerful telephony APIs to connect to Voice and SMS through the Cloud. Connect to the world in ten minutes. Our customers are developers and businesses who have previously found voice and SMS solutions to be cost or resource prohibitive. We currently provide local numbers in Japan but are preparing roll outs for local numbers in other Asian countries and regions. We are live at https://www.fullcourt.co

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Trnio converts your iPhone into a 3D scanner and combines it with 3D content sharing and social networking service to provide users a platform where they can easily create, consume and share 3D content. Check out our app at the iTunes store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trnio/id683053382?mt=8&uo=4

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Tubaloo gives mobile users worldwide a non-geographic phone number that allows them to call other users for free (ala Skype), call to the public network for cheap (ala many others) and is currently the only company that can give any user a unique and valid phone number that is reachable on their mobile from any phone in the world and that is not subject to mobile access charges to the people calling it (critical outside of North America, where the telecom industry employs "Calling Party Pays")

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Blue Planet Apps

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BioLock lets you lock your device and its contents using face, iris and voice biometrics. Its very advanced technology and very secure in a world where we are moving farther away from security every day. See a demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3qbkKKmGcE

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We create the exact digital equivalence of real physical printed cards. This is done by providing a platform which supports the full cycle of design, distribution and management of such cards. Core Technology - The Image Based object The digital image is our vehicle. The implementation of our technology enables the platform in the creation of unique visual and branded products which are easy and intuitive to deploy, distribute, transfer and share as convertible and shareable currencies.

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Zip Phone

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Meet Zip Phone – a smartphone app that works seamlessly to connect you with your contacts, for free.

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Better Voice

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Using Mobile for business telephony purposes is clumsy and unprofessional, at best. Better Voice makes it possible for Small Businesses to have professional desk phone functionality all in an easy to use mobile all. The Call Flow Builder makes it easy to completely customize what phone numbers do - just drag the features, and drop them into place! Better Voice integrates with over 250 other online services including CRMs (SalesForce) and Marketing Automation (HubSpot) tools. In the US, there are many competing “cloud” or “virtual” PBX systems, but they ALL have these problems: None are focused on mobile (we’re Mobile First!, all in the app) None are focused on integrations (CRMs, other PBX, etc.) None provide a completely customizable phone experience.

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Smart Voicemail

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Smart Voicemail is an Advanced Voicemail with a Virtual Assistant for smartphones and telephones. The major differentiator is that it has 'status updates & availability' to quickly let the callers know why you missed their call in contrast to a static Voicemail greeting that was recorded months ago. These status updates can be from Organizational UC / presence server or Facebook / Twitter or from your personal / work calendar. It's smart enough to suggest and guide you throughout the day of packed schedules. It's also viewed as an Out-Of-Office / Vacation responder for Smartphones. Not just that, it also understands the context of every communication and help users organize their communications better.

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Mobile telephone is convenient, because everybody has one, but it is certainly expensive when you dial internationally. Skype or Viber service simplifies significantly international communication, but it is not reliable or accessible if 3G and WiFi is weak or not available and you have to pay extra if call recipient is not logged-in into the service. Avox solved those deficiencies of Skype and Viber. It works when 3G and WiFi are not available and it is free to call either landline or mobile phone regardless of its 3G/WiFi access. This is achieved by Avox proprietary solution that lets sharing users mobile minutes to the Avox cloud and reallocate them among others Avox users and regular phone users.

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With Favafone App on your Smartphone / Tablet you save big on international and roaming calls. Go to Italy and call back to the US ... You will be charged $1.39 per minute by your Mobile Operator. With Favafone you only pay $0.05 / min. Favafone App is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Launched March 2011.

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We run a professional mobile comparison service both online and on mobile Apps, targeting the consumer market initially. Read more about our products at http://ic21.ch/de/produkte or in the business plan. Both only available in German currently.

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CloudeAssurance - Providing Vendor Assurance, Cloud Assurance and Consumer Assurance. The CloudeAssurance platform is the industry’s first risk-intelligent rating, continuous education and continuous monitoring system assuring cloud service provider’s cloud security and governance, risk and compliance. Customers can know which cloud providers have the best cloud assurance score and history, a measure of cloud trust they can depend on and enables safe and secure cloud adoption. AlertApp! is a Mobile App available from both Google Play and Apple Store (iTunes) powered by the CloudeAssurance platform and allows consumers to monitor the safety and security of their data in the cloud at any time. It provides users the ability to proactively track from the convenience of their mobile device and in real time, the cloud security ratings, security breaches, lawsuits and major outages impacting the cloud services that they use and enables them to act accordingly in response to these threats.

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